Do I Really Need Travel Insurance?

Do I really need travel insurance - a common question

Your bags are packed and your tickets are booked – but if you don’t have travel insurance, you’re far from ready to take that vacation. Travel coverage continues to be a point of confusion for Canadian travellers, often overlooked as a pricey add on.

The truth is, though, that your coverage can save you from financial ruin in a worst case scenario abroad. Trust us, those medical bills will really make you feel sick! This week, we’re busting the top myths surrounding travel insurance. Bon voyage!

How Much Travel Insurance Is Enough?

Because Canadians enjoy some of the world’s best health benefits, it’s easy to assume that we’re always covered – but that’s definitely not the case. Should you be injured or become ill out of country – or even out of province – your health card won’t be much of a defence.

Not sure how much travel medical insurance you’ll need? Here’s how to assess the gaps in your coverage.

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How You Can Prevent Travel Emergencies

Ideally, your long awaited vacation will go off without a hitch – but what if disaster strikes during your fun in the sun? Would you know how to react?

When it comes to travel, prevention is the best means of protection. Here are some steps to take prior to your trip that will be a huge help in a worst case scenario.

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Travel Insurance Tips For Snowbirds

Millions of Canadian retirees swap the snow for sun and migrate to warmer climates for the winter. Planning to take flight for the first time? There’s a lot more to the snowbird lifestyle than buying a plane ticket!

From getting your insurance needs in order to protecting your home while away, here’s what you need to know about spending six months abroad.

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What’s new in this week’s finance headlines?

CPP: Will Investing In U.S. Retail Pay Off?

The CPP is looking to invest in the growing U.S. economy by purchasing luxury retailer Neiman Marcus. How will this fare for those who depend on the pension plan?

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No RESP: A $38,000 Mistake

Deciding whether to start an RESP for your child? Not doing so means missing out on free money – tens of thousands of dollars! Here are a few of the ways your RESP earns money, and some of the most common misconceptions explained.

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Don’t Be Misled By Travel Insurance Myths

Many travellers believe there’s no need for travel insurance as long as they stay within Canada – but this is a big misconception. You can still be on the hook for big medical expenses, lost luggage or cancelled flights – even if you think you’re already covered.

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New Rogers Credit Card To Come In 2014

A new Rogers credit card will be launched in 2014, offering points for services and upgrades. Would you get a credit card offered by one of Canada’s Big Three telecommunications companies?

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Are You Saving Enough For A Rainy Day?

Are you saving enough to handle a worst case scenario? Illness, job loss or other catastrophes are usually unexpected – and can really affect your finances.

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You Answered!

This week, we asked readers:

Do you always buy travel insurance when planning a trip?

46% only buy travel insurance when travelling outside of Canada!

30.7% say yes – they always buy coverage for medical, baggage or cancellation when travelling.

19.4% say they consider coverage to be just a costly add on.

4% say they haven’t in the past – but feel they should in the future!

Want your chance to win? Answer this week’s question:

What will your biggest financial challenge be this school year?

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