The Great Canadian Debt Poll

How big of a problem is debt in Canada?

Debt in Canada is a growing issue – our nation’s debt load has hit $1.422 trillion, and the household debt-to-income ratio has reached 163.7 per cent! And that’s not slowing consumers down – a recent Equifax study found that non-mortgage debt has increased to $518.3 billion, up from $497.4 billion from 2013.

It’s time to come clean about our debt habits! Take our Canadian Debt Truth poll, and you could WIN a $100 gift card.


Stop That Credit Card Debt Spiral

Trying to pay down your credit card balance, but can’t keep up with those huge interest charges? Try moving your balance to an option with a low balance transfer feature, which will give you a bit of an interest vacation. It’s a great way to pay down your principal debt amount, and take control of your credit, once and for all?

Our pick: MBNA Platinum Plus® MasterCard® credit card

This card features:

0% annual interest rate† (AIR) on balance transfers* and deposits* for the first 12 full months.

No wonder it won its category in our annual Best of Finance Awards!

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