Dealing With Market Drama

Dealing With Market Drama

To say it has been a chaotic week for your finances would be putting it lightly; a massive market sell-off has spooked investors around the world, and the repercussions for Canadians remain unclear. Will this upheaval have an impact on interest rates and home-grown debt? Read on for the full story.

4 Ways to Weather a Bear Market

If last week’s minor sell-off wasn’t bad enough, investors woke up Monday morning to some brutal numbers. Recent developments in China have investors panicking and dumping shares, leading to a bear market. Despite big losses, it’s important to stick to your strategy – here are tips for staying calm during a market downturn.

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Will Mortgage Rates Rise by 2016?

The Bank of Canada has chopped central rates twice this year to accommodate a slowing economy. Could we be in for another rate decrease in September’s announcement? A recent stock sell-off, global market upheaval and the sliding price of oil all point to the possibility – but a recent report from RBC states the opposite could happen by 2016.

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Is the Toronto Housing Market Really High Risk?

Housing prices in Toronto have been climbing out of buyers’ reach for several years, and many are concerned they’re unsustainable, earning the city a “high risk” rating from the CMHC’s recent assessment. However, not all economists agree. Here, Will Dunning, Chief Economist at CAAMP, shares his take.

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3 Crazy Condo Incentives Designed to Make You Buy

Condo incentives are extra features tossed in by developers to reel in buyers – ranging from guaranteed rent income to new cars. Here’s a sample of the goodies up for grabs in some markets.

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How to Avoid Lifestyle Inflation

Lifestyle inflation means the more you earn, the more you spend – and it’s a phenomenon that can put your homeownership, savings and retirement goals at risk.

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