Credit Card Review: Scotia Momentum No-Fee Visa

A credit card review of the Scotia Momentum No Fee Visa

There’s something to be said about everyday convenience, and consumers looking for a no-fuss way to pay for life’s necessities should look to a credit card with a back-to-basics approach and an emphasis on good value.

If you want a steady rate of return on your regular purchases, the The Scotia Momentum® No-Fee VISA has proven to be a good option to maximize your earnings. It offers one per cent cash back on eligible gas, grocery and drugstore purchases, 0.5 per cent at all other eligible retailers, and is free of annual fees. These features are topped by a special 7.99 per cent purchase rate for the first six months, offering a nice interest break to go along with those reward earnings. After that, the APR bumps back up to a standard 19.99 per cent.

Pinch Pennies on Bill Payments

This card also features the ability to earn cash back on recurring and automated bill payments. This means earning cash effortlessly on phone payments, hydro, and even monthly rent.

Who Is This Card For?

This card is the ultimate tool to take on those daily errands. From filling up the tank to grabbing dinner on the way home, you’ll be earning your way to a cash back payout.

Keep in mind, though, that the “charge it now, pay right away” approach is not for those lacking financial discipline. Cash back rewards fail to pay off when offset by credit card interest payments, making it imperative to pay your balance in full every month, and avoiding the temptation to let those purchases linger. If you’re the type to carry a credit card balance, it’s best to keep bill payments separate from your credit card use.

The Big Numbers

Annual Fee: $0

Purchase Rate: 7.99 per cent for the first six months (19.99 per cent after that)

Balance Transfers and Cash Advance: 21.99 per cent

Reward Return: 1.00 per cent

Cash Back AND A Free $50 Gift Card

It’s’s fifth birthday – but you’re the one scoring the presents! Right now, you’ll get a free $50 gift card when approved for the Scotia Momentum® No-Fee VISA, to your choice of Chapters/Indigo,  Starbucks Coffee Company, Future Shop or Bon Appetit. But hurry – this offer is up on May 31. Click here to learn more.

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