Cottage Bound? Earn Some Cash!

How to make money while cottage bound

July 5, 2013

Do your summer plans include ditching your urban setting for a little R & R? You’re not alone – Canadians absolutely love their hot weather cottage getaways.

While one can argue that the true value of a cottage lies in access to clear lakes, fresh air and peace and quiet, owning a vacation home can be a serious money maker. Read on for our guide to renting out your vacation home, along with building your equity.

Canada Day 2013: What Makes Our Economy Tick

This week marked the 146th birthday of our great nation, and what better way to celebrate than a look at our unique economic contribution to the rest of the globe – and they go far beyond maple syrup.

Canada is a land of exports and commodities – read on to see how these industries affect us all on a daily basis.

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6 Must Know Tips For Renting Out Your Cottage

Have a cottage you’re only using some of the time? Renting your vacation home out to cottage renters is a great way to make some extra cash.

However, it’s not as simple as handing over the keys to other avid cottage goers. Check out our tips for preparing your home for renters – and protecting your property.

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Buying A Cottage: 5 Big Tips

Considering buying your own slice of cottage country heaven? Your own recreational property can be yours with a little planning and savings commitment – but buying a vacation home can differ from your usual abode.

From scoring financing to ensuring equity growth, here are 5 great tips for picking the perfect cottage.

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And in this week’s breaking finance news…

What Is A Money Market?

A money market refers to the trading of very short-term investments, such as government bonds, short-term mortgages, and other securities. They provide investors both small and large with a highly liquid option for transferring money or earning small returns on idle cash. Read on to see if the money markets are a good fit for your investment strategy.

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Do You Need To Appoint A Power Of Attorney?

As many Canadians live longer than ever, they may need to appoint a power of attorney to ensure their finances are safe in their final years. Here’s how to choose the right person for the job – and avoid potentially unfortunate events with your finances later in life.

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Are Timeshares Worth It?

Are timeshares worth it? Fractional ownership may seem an affordable alternative to cottage or vacation home ownership, but come with plenty of fees and not much by means of return on investment. Here’s what you need to know about timeshare basics.

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