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Your guide to online holiday shopping season November 30, 2012

The holidays are fast approaching, and shopping season is picking up steam. This year, more Canadians than ever are choosing to crack open those laptops and mobile devices than hit the mall – after all, nothing beats shopping in your pajamas!

From finding that perfect price, to online returns and fraud protection, we’ve got your online shopping basics covered. Read on for our tips!

Celebrating Cyber Monday

The online component of Black Friday has come and gone – and it was one of the biggest online shopping events in Canadian history!

Can’t wait to plan next year’s shopping strategy? Check out our best tips for finding Cyber Monday deals, coupon codes and more.

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Avoid Online Returns Drama

What could be more frustrating than an online purchase gone wrong? From hours spent on the customer service line, to paying an arm and a leg in return postage, Canadians are right to be wary before clicking “buy”.

Avoid the drama – use our policy-hunting guide to vet a retailer before giving them your money – and learn how to report a sale gone rogue.

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Online Fraud Protection: 14 Tips

As online shopping activity ramps up in time for the holidays, it provides the perfect cover for Internet fraudsters. Posing as hot deals or seemingly innocent links, these info hunters are looking to score your payment digits – and your identity.

Protect yourself – don’t hit the online mall without reading our 14 safety and fraud tips first.

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And in finance news headlines…

2.77%: A New Low for 5 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

5 year fixed mortgage rates hit a new low this week, at 2.77%. This full service mortgage is available in Ontario and accessible to high ratio borrowers. Could we see more downward movement before next year’s anticipated rate hike?

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Mark Carney Leaving Bank of Canada: Pros and Cons

They’re saying Mark Carney’s new appointment as Bank of England Governor will be a great boon for the UK – but what does his new role mean for Canada’s economy? Will his departure have an adverse affect on the markets, interest rates and Canada’s economic growth?

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What You Don’t Know About Your Credit Card

In celebration of Financial Literacy Month, offers their top tips for controlling your credit card, and paying down your balance. Check them out, and pay down that debt!

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Mark Carney Named Bank of England Governor

In a surprise announcement Monday, Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney will be leaving his post to take top spot at the Bank of England. The move comes as the UK finds itself taking on more responsibility and a regulatory role for the European recession.

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Canadian Housing Market More Affordable: RBC

The latest data released by RBC shows housing market conditions in Canada are slightly more affordable due to softening prices and higher incomes. It’s good news for buyers – but what do long-term trends have in store?

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You Answered!

This week's pollThis week, you told us: How can financial literacy be improved in Canada?

38.9% of respondents say lack of budgeting know-how is to blame, as this integral finance skill is often overlooked.

37.5% think financial literacy is a topic that should be taught in school to prepare kids for financial success in adulthood.

15.3% say credit cards are the culprit, as shoppers are poorly prepped on their features and risks.

8.3% identified the challenges of creating an effective savings plan.

Check out this week’s poll question:

How do you budget for holiday expenses?

There could be a free $25 Tim Horton’s gift card in it for you!

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