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caption this picture contest

Greetings dear Money Wise readers!

This week, unveiled the top travel misconceptions costing Canadians BIG bucks. We found that while Canadians are seasoned travellers, travel insurance continues to be… well, the elephant in the room.

It’s time to take a break from all that finance knowledge and have a little fun – and score the chance to WIN a totally awesome prize! Send us your best caption for the picture below for the chance to win a $25 Tim Horton’s gift card! Enter your quriky words as a comment here, or find our travelling friend (and his elephant companion) over on Facebook! Be sure to check back on Wednesday, August 28, to see if you’re our big winner!


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5 thoughts on “Caption This Picture to WIN!

  1. Human: ”Um, is this where we check out?”
    Elephant: ”Um, yeah. I’ll need your passport”
    Human: ”Alright. Am, am I really talking with an elephant?”
    Elephant: ”Is there a problem sir?”
    Human: ”I guess not…” *gives passport slowly*

  2. Man: I’m looking for my trunk. Have you seen it anywhere?
    Elephant: No trunk here, unless you can use the one on my head!

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