Canadian Young Adults Face Tough Hurdles: Guest Judge Benjy Katchen

Benjy is a Get Out Of My House guest judge

The Financial Challenges Facing Generation Y

Home Trust is a proud sponsor of the’s Get Out of My House giveaway, providing a $1,000 GIC to the lucky finalists.

By: Benjy Katchen

Vice President, Deposits

Home Trust Company

Today’s young adults face quite the checklist in order to achieve financial independence; graduating from post-secondary school, finding a well-paying job and saving a nest egg are just some of these milestones. However, overcoming these hurdles is proving to be more difficult for today’s generation than in decades past – and a few factors are responsible, including an increasingly competitive job market, and a steeper-than-ever cost of living.

Challenge 1: Lack of Employment Opportunities

Did you know that unemployment for youth in Canada sits at 14 per cent? That’s double the national average! It’s not that today’s kids aren’t skilled or unwilling to work – in fact, they’re among the most qualified and highly educated young workers in decades. However, this flux of skilled workers are competing for a narrower selection of very specialized jobs, making it tough for everyone to find a place on the employment ladder – especially in their desired field!

As a result, it is taking some young adults longer to enter the job market, delaying their potential for earning and saving the funds needed to really launch into adulthood. Some kids are resorting to lower paying gigs that don’t require an education, just to make ends meet.

 Challenge 2: Student Loans Take a Bite Out of Savings Potential

The average post-secondary graduate is facing $27,000 in debt repayment – and a previous study found that it’s taking an average of 14 years to pay off! Saving for a home down payment, or managing monthly bills become a lot more challenging when juggled with steep debt repayment.

This lingering debt also makes it more challenging for young adults to enter the housing market. The fact is that housing and rent costs are steeper than they were in the past. According to the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation, the average resale price for a home in Canada is $367,500, and is forecasted to rise further to $377,300 in 2014.

Compared to what homes went for in the mid-80’s – around the $100,000 mark – it’s no wonder so many kids are putting off homeownership and are living in the family home for longer..

Our Finalist Pick

Our chosen candidate for’s Get Out Of My House giveaway is Katie Kish of Hamilton, Ontario. We feel she exemplifies the true spirit of the giveaway through her work ethic – the fact that she works part time in her field while balancing two other part-time jobs is impressive. We also applaud her ambition to move out and relieve her mother of some of the financial pressures associated with being a single mom.

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