Canadian Finance Poll – Results!

The results of the Canadian Finance Poll

The results are in from’s official Canadian Finance Opinion poll. Read on to see what savvy readers really think when it comes to our future Bank of Canada governor, Canadian Mint design, and the must-have skill set for a financial advisor.

Q1: Who should take over as Bank of Canada Governor when Mark Carney leaves for England?

31.5% – The majority has spoken – and they have chosen Ned Flanders as their pick for Carney’s successor. It’s no secret that Flanders can stretch a dollar – he’s sure to pass around the collection plate to ensure Canada’s coffers stay strong. Hi-diddly-ho, savers! 2nd place: Liz Lemon (19.2%)

3rd place: Don Draper (18.1%(

4th place: Ned Stark (16.3%)

5th: Smaug the Dragon (14.8%)

Q2: Which Canadian celebrity should be printed on the next batch of five dollar bills?

43.7% say the Canadian Mint should consider Jim Carry’s mug when printing their next batch. 2nd place: The cast of Kids in the Hall (23.8%)

3rd: Colbie Smulders (13.2%)

4th: Justin Bieber (11.9%)

5th: Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne (aka Chavril) (7.4%)

Q3: Who is most likely to have a well diversified investment portfolio?

28.4% said they think Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is likely to play the markets like a pro. We wonder if he dabbles in precious metals? 2nd place: Mr. Burns (21.3%)

3rd place: Lisbeth Salander: (18.8%)

4th place: Stewie Griffin (17%)

5th place: Mr. Lodge (14.5%)

Q4: Which house likely has the lowest mortgage payments?

33.6% of respondents think that Oscar the Grouch’s trash can likely has the lowest mortgage payments around – I guess when it comes to financing, one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure! 2nd place: Bugs Bunny’s rabbit hole (29.1%)

3rd place: The bedrock cave from the Flintstone’s (15.7%)

4th place: Sponge Bob Squarepants’ pineapple under the sea (12.1%)

5th place: The house from UP!: (9.6%)

Q5: Who could likely benefit most from switching to a low interest credit card?

Turns out dropping $40K on Manolos is a cry for help – a whopping 45.2% of readers feel Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City is in most need of switching to a low interest card with a focus on paying down her balance! 2nd place: Joey Tribbiani (21.2%)

3rd place: Cher Horowitz (15.1%)

4th: Lindsay Bluth Funke (11.3%)

5th place: Hannah Horvath (7.2%)

Q6: Who would you hire as a financial advisor?

36.8% of readers would choose playboy by day, hero by night Bruce Wayne to be their financial advisor. After all, he does run a company while simultaneously investing in the latest tech advances… and he has a butler. 2nd place: Scrooge McDuck (22.7%)

3rd place: Lisa Simpson (27.1%)

4th place: Jack Donaghy (10.9%)

5th place: Jabba the Hutt (7.8%)

Q7: If you founded a bank, who would you choose as your spokesperson and tagline?

The bank you need. The savings you deserve. 30.7% of you ally with Batman when it comes to your hard earned cash – perhaps you feel bank robbers won’t stand a chance? 2nd place: Jerry Maguire – “Show me the money!” (21.3%)

3rd place: Kermit the Frog – “It really is easy to be green.” (20.1%)

4th place: Gordon Gekko – “Money never sleeps.” (14.5%)

5th place: Frodo Baggins – “Keep it hidden, keep it safe.” (13.4%)


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