The Canadian Dollar Drop

The Canadian Dollar Drop

Canadians are getting used to the idea of a recession – and a drop in purchasing power, as the Canadian dollar heads further south against the U.S. greenback. It can be frustrating for those looking to travel or do business with our American partners – but the challenges will be felt on the homefront, too. Read on for the full story.

Get Ready for a Lower Loonie

Interest rates and economic growth have taken a tumble this year – now, all eyes are on just how far south the Canadian loonie will go. Currently, the Canadian dollar is trading below 77 cents USD – almost an 11-year low. But that won’t be the extent of our currency’s pain, as economic forecasts on both sides of the border call for an even lower dollar.

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Should You Take Out Debt For Home Renos?

Did you know – renovation projects have more than doubled in Canada over the past 15 years? That’s due in part to the “HGTV effect” – homeowners inspired to shell out for their own renos after watching house flipping reality shows. Adding a few well-thought out renos to your home can be great for improving its resale value – but it is worth going into debt for those upgrades?

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How To Get Life Insurance For Your Mortgage

So you’ve secured the mortgage on your dream home – and several decades’ worth of monthly payments. What would happen if you, or your partner, couldn’t make them?

It’s important to take out insurance to protect your mortgage – but it’s not always clear where to get it, or how much you’ll need. Here are a few tips to ensuring you’re covered.

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Beware Frosh Week Marketing Mania

Frosh week, the annual event-filled bash held to kick off the school year, is meant to help students acclimate to campus. But beware the marketing tactics designed to make you sign up and spend, from cable upgrades to credit cards.

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Can’t Afford a Vacation? 4 Ways to Make it Happen

Can’t quite afford that summer vacation this year? According to a recent survey, you’re not alone – nearly a quarter of Canadians are shelving their vacay plans this summer. But all is not lost – check out these top 4 ways to have fun in the sun on a budget.

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