Canadian Credit Card Rule Changes Update – continued

I wrote on Friday how I called the Finance Ministry and couldn’t get ahold of anyone to update me on the latest credit card rule changes and left a message at 9:08am on February 26, 2010. Well the wait wasn’t that long as a cheerful employee called me back today Monday at 1.35pm. Although it wasn’t the most helpful call as they said that the Minstry of Finance was working on updating the press release I had identified as not entirely complete, and they took my email address and said I’d be sent an update when it was done.

So if we’re keeping score it would be:

Customer service: 8/10 (would have been better to speak to someone “live” on Friday, but a quick call back)

Resolving the issue: 2/10

So we wait for the email update….

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One thought on “Canadian Credit Card Rule Changes Update – continued

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