A Busy March Mortgage Market

A busy start to the March mortgage market

The saying is March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb – but it’s already been a busy month for the mortgage market.

The week kicked off with the latest edition of our Mortgage Rate Outlook Panel – if you plan to be a spring home buyer, renewer or refinancer, be sure to check out their stance on March mortgage rates. The Bank of Canada also dropped their latest announcement – with no change to monetary policy. Small surprise, but they did unveil some interesting insights for the Canadian economy. Check out the top ways this can affect you.

No Sudden Spring Growth Expected For March Mortgage Rates

Long awaited higher temps may be in store for Canadians this month, but don’t expect the same for fixed and variable mortgage rates. Our expert Mortgage Rate Outlook Panel has spoken, and its status quo for the cost of borrowing for the rest of the month.

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Bank of Canada Announcement: Inflation and Debt Still Top Concerns

The Bank of Canada announced Wednesday that it will leave central interest rates untouched once again. In addition to subpar inflation levels, the Bank also cited global unrest due to the Ukraine crisis, and extreme weather for sluggish economic factors.

Read on to see how this latest monetary policy move will affect you.

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Missed The RRSP Deadline? It’s Not Too Late!

The March 3rd RRSP contribution deadline has come and gone – but if you missed the boat, it doesn’t mean all is lost regarding your RRSP. Many Canadians find it challenging to come up with enough cash to put toward their contribution, and cite it as the main reason for missing out. Here’s a few ways to set aside for your RRSP over time, and how to get it up to snuff for the coming year.

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And in other finance news this week…

Ukraine Crisis: What Investors Should Know

The Ukraine Crisis has sent global markets swinging, as fears abound over Europe’s natural gas supply, and investors rush to safe haven investments.

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Should You Buy A Condo On Concept?

Is it ever a good idea to buy a condo on concept? It’s true that buying a pre-construction home can save a bundle, but concept buys can come with all sorts of risks, from waiting for years before move in, to failing to secure financing come close time.

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Half Of Canadians Carry 4 Or More Rewards Cards

Rewards cards are in high demand among Canadians – a recent RBC survey finds half of Canadians carry four or more!

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CMHC To Boost Premiums

CMHC premiums are in for a rise – the crown corporation announced a 15% increase, to take effect May 1.

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Need to catch up on your reading? Here are the headlines I checked out this week.

Improper pin action: An Ontario man is suing CIBC for their refusal to reimburse him after his credit card was compromised. The outstanding charge? Over $80,000 for a custom built race car! The bank alleges that because the credit card pin was used during payment, they’re off the hook for the fraud. Read More>

Not such a rosy picture: Stats Canada has been challenged by the Canadian Labour Congress to change the way unemployment numbers are reported. The group claims current data reported fails to account for underemployment, or those who have dropped out of the workforce altogether. Read More>

High Priced Metropolises: It’s no secret that Toronto and Vancouver are the priciest cities to buy a home in Canada – but did you know they outrank even New York and LA? That’s right, home prices here run steeper than the big apple and Hollywood (well… perhaps those lower down on the hills…) Check out this ranking of the top 20 most expensive cities in North America. Read More>

Busting Bitcoin Myths: Confusion has surrounded this online currency even before the collapse of the MT Gox exchange. Here are 6 fallacies about Bitcoin that are commonly believed to be true. Read More>



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