Bust Seasonal Overspending


It’s easy to be in a “don’t worry, be happy” frame of mind in the summer. But if you’re shirking your debt repayment plan for pricey fun in the sun, your finances will be in a gloomy state come fall.

Yet this this spend-free attitude is taken by many young Canadians, according to a recent CIBC poll. Check out the full report below, along with the rest of the week’s top headlines.

July Mortgage Rates: A Midsummer Buyer’s Dream

Scorching real estate demand (and subsequent prices) are putting the heat on prospective homebuyers – but the silver lining lies in the continuation of record low mortgage rates throughout the summer. Our expert Mortgage Rate Outlook Panel has shared their take on upcoming mortgage trends. Click below for their full analysis.

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4 Ways to Stop Your Summer Overspending

A Tangerine survey on summer spending finds the majority of Canadians are actually quite responsible with their warm-weather cash… with the exception of Millennials who prioritize summer fun over debt repayment and savings.

In fact, the survey found 32% plan to book a holiday away that they can’t yet afford! Check out the full report, plus 4 summer activities that won’t break your bank.

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Tim Hortons Double Double Visa Card: Worth the Perks?

The new Tim Hortons Double Double card is creating a lot of buzz – but are free coffee rewards really worth it? Check out our review to see if there’s value in these perks… or if it’s just a lot of promotional icing.

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Why You Should Care About the Government’s Bail-In Plans

The Canadian government recently unveiled plans to implement a bail-in, which would force creditors to forgive some of the biggest corporate debts. It’s good news for taxpayers, who no longer need to foot the bill – but such a move has dinged our country’s overall credit rating.


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How Automating Your Savings Will Make You Richer

Automated savings are one of the easiest ways to sock away a nest egg – but only 14% of Canadians are saving their money this way, according to a CIBC poll. Here’s how to make the process of setting money aside regularly less painful.

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#RSMWIN Results!

This week, we asked the Twitterverse:

Would you switch banks if it meant saving money?

77% – Yes

23% – No

When it comes to bank loyalty, money talks! 77% of our pollsters say they’d gladly make the switch for savings.

Want your chance to WIN a $25 gift card? Tweet your answer to @RateSupermarket with #RSMWIN!

What’s more important to you – earning credit card rewards or paying less in interest charges?




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