A Brighter Outlook

Brighter Economic Outlook

Finally, some less-than-dire news for the Canadian economy. The Bank of Canada released its latest interest rate announcement this week, and took a neutral – if not slightly optimistic – stance on our nation’s rebound for oil. Borrowers also still have reason to smile, as it’s expected low rates will remain for several years to come.

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Bank of Canada Holds Rate In September Announcement

Canada may have officially entered a recession, but the central bank isn’t making any rash moves on rates, opting to leave the national cost of borrowing at 0.5% in Wednesday’s announcement. It’s a sign the Bank is confident Canada may be on track for recovery – but more data is needed.

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Is 0% Financing a Good Deal?

We’ve all seen the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man, touting hot deals at the car dealership – but could they be too good to be true? 0% financing is a common tactic to lure consumers onto the lot – but it could cost you more in the long run on your car purchase. Here’s what consumers should know.

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Foreign Real Estate Investment – Will the Government Take Action?

In Vancouver, Canada’s most expensive housing market, would-be buyers are expressing outrage at being priced out of their local neighbourhoods. The issue of foreign investment is a hot-button topic in the market, as it’s suspected prices are driven higher by non-residents, who either rent units out or leave them empty. It’s a movement that sparked the #Donthaveamillion hashtag – and now, the Conservative government has promised action if re-elected.

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MasterCard Selfies To Replace Passwords

Are passwords becoming a thing of the, well, past? MasterCard has introduced new smartphone “selfie”-recognizing technology to bypass old pin and password methods. Would you use it? Read on to learn more.

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No Early Autumn Change for Canadian Mortgage Rates

Will the Bank of Canada cut interest rates for a third time this year? The September forecast is out from RateSupermarket.ca’s expert mortgage panel. Read on for their take on this month’s fixed and variable mortgage rates.

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