Book Review: Travel Hacking for Canadians by Stephen Zussino

Travel Hacks

Are you fed up with paying more for less when it comes to travelling? You’re not alone; while the cost of airline tickets continues to rise, customers are losing the perks that were once commonplace. Air travel today means being packed like sardines into airplanes with not enough legroom. You don’t even get a free bag of peanuts anymore! To top it all off, customers are being hit with a slew of new fees – just last month Air Canada and WestJet announced plans to introduce a new $25 for the first checked bag.

What is Travel Hacking?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “travel hacking”, the concept is simple: it’s about bringing the cost of travel as close to zero as possible. Travel hacking is about fighting back against big airlines who keep introducing new fees, which make air travel unaffordable for the average family. Being a travel hacker means constantly chasing miles, reward points and elite status. Through everyday purchases on your credit card, you can redeem your travel reward points towards free flights and hotels.

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Your Travel Hacking How-To Guide

Travel Hacking for Canadians

The name Steven Zussino  may be familiar to frugal living gurus – he’s the mastermind behind, a website dedicated to helping Canadians save money on groceries with coupons and grocery flyer deals. Zussino has successfully transformed his travel blog,, into book format. Travel Hacking for Canadians is an encyclopedia of knowledge that makes travelling for less a breeze.

Travel Hacking Made Easy

Zussino has travel hacking down to a science, and shares his ins and outs in this book, so you too can stay at a five-star hotel without breaking the bank. It’s all about comparison shopping; consumers will spend hours looking for the right TV set, yet fail to make the same effort when booking a trip. And, while there are plenty of tools out there to help you save money, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. This book makes travel hacking simple.

Zussino breaks his book into four helpful sections: air, accommodations, transportation, and cruises. In air travel, Zussino simplifies the booking process to help you get the most of your travel reward points. He shares tips when redeeming your hard-earned rewards, and how to avoid costly fees that often  add up to thousands. He also shares ways you can earn reward points without being a frequent flyer. One of the most frustrating part of travel reward points is valuing them – Zussino shares his secret on how to put a dollar value on points to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your travel reward points.

Hotel Hacking

I especially found Zussino’s section on hotel hacking handy. Although there are already deal websites like Priceline and Hotwire, you might not end up with the hotel suite you were looking for. Zussino’s simple tips improve your chances of paying a lot less for top-notch accommodations. If you’re looking to save even more on travel, have you ever considered hotel alternatives? For example, by house swapping you trade homes with a family in your desired location and save a bundle.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or you only travel once a year for a family vacation, this book has something for everyone. The simple step by step instructions makes saving money easy as can be. Never  lose out on travel rewards and be on your dream vacation to Hawaii a lot sooner – and for a heck of a lot less!

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