BoC Drops Key Rate 0.50%-Pts. Will Prime Rate Follow?

Bank of Canada

The coronavirus contagion left the Bank of Canada little option today. It cut Canada’s key interest rate amid fears of a deepening economic downturn. It was the bank’s first rate cut in nearly five years and likely won’t be its last this year.

The move brings Canada’s overnight target rate to 1.25%, a level last seen in July 2018.

“While Canada’s economy has been operating close to potential with inflation on target, the COVID-19 virus is a material negative shock to the Canadian and global outlooks…” the Bank said in its statement.

“As the situation evolves, Governing Council stands ready to adjust monetary policy further if required to support economic growth and keep inflation on target.”

Market Reaction

The move means Canada’s prime rate—currently at 3.95%—should fall in the coming week or so.

So, what does this mean for mortgage shoppers? It will lower interest costs for those with floating-rate mortgages and HELOCs. Five-year fixed rate mortgages are also falling due to a steep drop in bond yields. They’re now at their lowest level since the fall of 2019, making now an ideal time to shop the market.

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