BlackBerry Sale: What Customers Need To Know

What customers need to know about a blackberry sale

Warning: This post will make iPhone lovers cringe.

After switching from BlackBerry to iPhone, I have to confess I miss my BlackBerry. There is no comparison when it comes to the convenience of sending and receiving emails. I reluctantly took the leap six months ago when my BlackBerry Bold stopped working. Now I’m half a year in, and I still don’t get the hype of all the great features and the supposed convenience of the apps – it’s all lost with me. On my iPhone I make more spelling mistakes typing emails, it takes me longer to draft a message and I often accidentally send it prematurely.  I want to switch back but with the bad news surrounding BlackBerry Ltd. I’m not confident it’s the best move. So what’s going on with BlackBerry and how can former users like me move forward?

A Transformation Plan For A Former Market Leader

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins has announced a transition strategy – including more than 350 layoffs – at the smartphone company’s Waterloo headquarters. Job cuts are only the beginning; rumors are still swirling that the company could be purchased, broken up and sold off, or taken private. This could spell the end to what was once considered one of Canada strongest companies.

Stocks Surging On The News

The news of BlackBerry possibly going private is sending BB stocks higher by 19 per cent. As the stock had been sitting at an all time low, this could be a break many BB investors have been waiting for. Its smartphone-related assets have been called essentially worthless, leading investors to hope private money will be proverbial the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Break Up Plan

The former smartphone market leader is also considering the possibility of selling the struggling company in parts or find a new partnership in order to turn itself around. This signals to investors that the company is desperate, in turn affecting the company’s reputation as a world leading smartphone company. Who wants to invest in a company that is willing to sell out to the highest bidder?

What’s Next For BlackBerry?

Some experts believe the the era of BlackBerry being a smartphone innovator is over. Assistant Professor of Strategy at Warwick Business School Ronald Klingebiel believes the company needs to reinvent itself and stick to what it knows: security of enterprise communications. In a recent column he wrote, “What is needed is a move to a less contested space, where laggards can again start to create a momentum,” adding that, “for BlackBerry, this new space might be mobile device management, banking on its enterprise server advantage.”

For smartphone users like me left longing for the good ole’ days where BBM was the way to communicate and BlackBerry set the smartphone standard, we have to accept those days are over. Finding a new phone that works for the long term is my next challenge. BlackBerry users were faithful to their devices probably for the same reason the company is now failing; the devices were predictable and changed little from year to year. You know what you’re getting and there is no second guessing the functionality. I guess it’s time for me to get out and explore other options and realize the simplicity of the BlackBerry may be a thing of the past.



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