Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special Edition

Everything you need for Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Greetings, Money Wise readers – and welcome to your BlackFriday Roundup Special Edition! This week, we’re on the subject of all things Black Friday and Cyber Monday – two of the biggest shopping events in North America – so big, in fact, that they rival Boxing Day.

Black Friday falls on the first Friday following American Thanksgiving – and symbolizes the day retailers see their profits go from red to black (hence the name). However, Canadians are getting in on the savings action – 50% more plan to hit up the malls this year. Here’s what you need to know for some serious savings.

Black Friday Deals Canada: Are The Door Crashers Worth It?

Admit it – you NEED that new big screen 3D tv – and you’re dead set on scoring one for next to nothing at your local Black Friday blowout. Rock bottom prices are certainly a big draw for savvy deal hunters – but are you falling for some marketing mumbo jumbo?

Great deals abound on this great day of shopping – but not all sales are created equal. Here’s how to tell if one is worth your time.

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Be A Black Friday Master: 7 Tips

Braving the crowds this Black Friday? Don’t miss out on the best goods because you’re a door crashing newbie. With thousands turning up for crack-of-dawn store openings, this shopping holiday is not for the faint of heart.

From crossing the border to paying duties on your purchases, here’s what you need to know about heading stateside for some shopping.

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Cyber Monday Deals Canada

Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday – instead of stampeding for the best deals, you’re free to shop with the click of a mouse.

However, deals still vanish at the blink of an eye – and shopping online can pose its own hazards. Here’s how to get prepped for the biggest online shopping holiday of the year.

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Why GICs Are Still Worth Your Attention

GICs are among the most stable (and in this interest environment, lucrative), investing vehicles on the market. Here’s why investors should include them in their portfolios, despite the currently well performing stock market.

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“You Have To Live Rough As A Student”: Q&A With Rob Carrick

What are the biggest financial challenges facing post secondary students, and how can they better prepare for their futures? Money Wise caught up with Globe and Mail personal finance columnist and author Rob Carrick, who recently wrote a book on student financial literacy. Read on for his take on student employment, savings strategies and smart debt repayment.

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Black Friday Shoppers Up By 50% In Canada

Attention Black Friday shoppers – did you know that 50% more Canadians plan to hit the malls this year? However, shopping holidays can be disastrous for those already carrying significant debt. Here are the top do’s – and dont’s – for deal seekers this year.

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Make Saving Fun With Finance Games

Do you find money management to be a drag? The newest crop of finance games and apps will help you keep your eye on the savings prize. Read on for our top picks.

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The Retailer Price Wars Heat Up As Sears And Target Struggle

Retail giants Sears and Target are going through tough times as retailer competition leads to rock bottom discounting and price wars. While this is great news for savvy deal shoppers, the implications for the retail industry aren’t good.

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Student Debt: Understanding The Repayment Assistance Plan

Struggling to pay back student debt? The Repayment Assistance Plan could help you take control. Here’s what you need to know about student loan interest, and how to get a bit of payment relief.

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What You Need To Know About Year-End Tax Strategy

The personal tax deadline may not be until April 30, but it pays to assess your year-end tax strategy before December 31. You could be eligible for a number of tax credits – but you’ll need to complete certain transactions in order to receive the benefits.

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Should CMHC Insurance Premiums Be Lower?

CMHC default insurance is mandatory for all home buyers paying less than 20 per cent on their home purchase. But are these mandatory premiums priced too high? A new petition is challenging the CMHC’s profit margins, arguing it’s time to give first time home buyers a break.

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You Answered

This week we asked:

Do you participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

42.2% say yes! They’re seeking out the best deals before time – and are camped out at the crack of dawn to score their savings.

25.6% say nope – they can’t be bothered with the sales offered on these days.

21.1% prefer the online shopping route, passing on the in-store madness, while 7.8% brave the crowds for a select few items.

Only 3.3% have never heard of Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

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