Are You Ready for Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

Your ultimate Black Friday and Cyber Monday guide.November 23, 2012

Attention deal shoppers – Black Friday has arrived! Today marks one of the biggest shopping events of the year, rivaled only by Boxing Day – but are you prepared?

If you love a good deal, it’s time to employ some serious saving strategy. From prepping your wish list with deal sites to packing a tent for a cross-border sleepover, we’ve got your ultimate smart shopping guide.

Coupon Codes 101

Why pay more when online shopping? The internet is full of hidden discounts and deal gems, and savvy shoppers are well advised to do a quick coupon code search before heading to the checkout.

We’ve tallied up a list of the best online promo resources. Don’t click “buy” until you’ve checked em’ out.

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Online Payments: What You Need to Know

Shopping online does limit your payment options – after all, it’s pretty hard to feed cash into a virtual register. Often, that means paying by credit card, or using the popular PayPal debit service for your transaction needs – but a slew of new payment options have hit the scene.

Before cashing out, check out our list of the latest payment alternatives – and how to tell if a service is safe to use.

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Get the Best Black Friday Deals

For Canadians, a true Black Friday experience still means rising at the crack of dawn to cross the border. But fainthearted shoppers be forewarned – this is not your average sale.

If you plan on braving the crowds this Black Friday, arm yourself with our 10 must-have tips for finding the best deals – and keeping your sanity.

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And in this week’s Finance Headlines…

Financial Literacy Month in Canada

This November marks the second annual financial literacy month. Across Canada, events are being held to improve Canadians’ financial skill sets. Check out our resources for getting involved and improving your financial knowledge.

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How Secured Credit Cards can Fix Your Credit Score

If you have poor credit (or no credit history at all!), it can be challenging to be approved for a traditional credit card. Secured credit cards offer an opportunity to rebuild a good credit score through good payment performance.

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Black Friday 2012: 1 in 10 Canadians

One in 10 Canadians plan to take part in Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2012 – and credit cards are the tender of choice for these spending spree holidays.

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You Answered!

This week's Black Friday poll

This week, we asked Canadians:

Will you participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

40.9% of polltakers say they plan to sit out the biggest shopping event of the year – turns out, they’re not keen on online shopping, and would prefer to avoid the crowds.

34.9% however, do plan to take part and find a great deal on electronics, clothing or household goods.

13.6% aren’t really sure what these shopping days are all about.

10.6% fully plan to brave the shopping madness to score a deal for everyone on their holiday wish list.

Want to tell us what you think (and possibly win a $25 Tim Horton’s Gift Card)? Of course you do! Check out this week’s poll:

How can financial literacy be improved in Canada?

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