Your Black Friday 2014 Savings Guide

Black Friday 2014 Savings Guide

Today marks the official countdown to the holidays – and the push to spend, spend, spend. Black Friday has grown from its humble beginnings as a post-U.S. Thanksgiving sale to an international shopping bonanza.

Not only has the shopping event crossed the border to Canada, but the calendar as well – this year, retailers are ringing in the deals even sooner with Gray Thursday. It can be easy to get caught up in the seasonal madness – and spend more than you really want to. But have no fear – we have you covered, from selecting real deals to crossing the border for cheap.

In Personal Finance: Black Friday 2014 To Be Bigger Than Boxing Day

Are you ready for Black Friday 2014? A recent study finds the shopping holiday has grown so much, it now trumps Boxing Day in Canada. Read on for our top tips for scoring big ticket items and saving your time and money.

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In Mortgages: Senior Home Buyers Are Fuelling the Market

First time home buyers may get all the attention, but it’s actually the senior segment that’s really driving Canada’s hot housing market, according to the CMHC’s 2014 Canadian Housing Observer. Read on to learn more about the report’s insights.

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In Savings: Is a Free Tablet Worth Switching Banks For?

You’ve likely seen the ads offering a free tablet – or a jaw-dropping interest rate – in exchange for your banking business. But should your banking decision be based on free swag? It’s not a smart strategy, according to the latest survey by Oaken Financial, which says consumers – and especially retirees – should focus on high-value savings products instead.

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In Mortgages: Case Study: Should These Boomers Get a Reverse Mortgage?

Reverse mortgages can be a costly way to use your home’s equity – but what about when they’re the only option? This dilemma was faced by our retiring couple case study. Read on to see how they addressed their income issue.

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Black Friday Special: Are the Door Crashers Worth It?

As Black Friday grows in popularity, many Canadian retailers are getting in on the action with events and sales of their own. While everyone loves steep savings, participating in the Black Friday madness may not always be worth its while. Here’s how to identify which items are worth braving the crowds for.

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Black Friday Special: How to Cross The Border for Cheap

Do you plan to cross the border for Black Friday? Don’t spend hundreds more than you have to on transportation costs. From tours to skipping the hotel, here are a few ways to travel to the U.S. on a dime – and save your cash for the in-store deals.

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