Your Biggest Savings Struggles


Your biggest savings struggles

They say you should always pay yourself first – whether you’re putting money into an RRSP, RESP, or a rainy day fund. But let’s face it – with life’s never-ending expenses and ever-growing cost of living, saving can be a real struggle. This week on MoneyWise, we look at some of the toughest savings scenarios, from single-income retirement to getting a hold in today’s red hot housing market.

How to Save for Retirement as a Stay-At-Home-Parent

Canadians know it’s savvy and responsible to save for retirement – but it’s hard to contribute to the family nest egg as a stay-at-home-parent. How do single-income households manage to sock it away? One mom shares her own family’s savings strategy.

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CREA May 2014 Report: A 4-Year Record for Sales

Canadian home prices may be through the roof – but that’s not stopping determined buyers with a dream home in mind. The latest numbers from the Canadian Real Estate Association find that sales have actually increased to a four-year high this spring. Read on to see how this will affect homeowners, sellers and buyers.

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3 Ways to See Movies for Less

Whether you’re looking for no-fuss date night, to entertain the kids, or chill out with a few hours of air conditioning, going to the movies is an all-around crowd pleaser. But did you know two adult tickets and a popcorn combo will run you close to $50? Hardly a cost-effective night out!

Fortunately, there are a few hacks to seeing movies for less… or even FREE. Read on for our tips and tricks.
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UBI Auto Insurance: Big Savings or Big Brother

User-based auto insurance is a new technology that monitors your daily driving behaviour, and bases premiums off your habits behind the wheel rather than your demographic group. This can mean big savings for some drivers – but does it pose a privacy risk?

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Spread the Word, Score Some Cash!

Want to earn a little extra cash? Join RateSupermarket’s Refer a Friend program, and score a $25 credit for every sign up, to redeemed as a gift card of your choice.

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