Your Biggest Mortgage Misconceptions

Mortgage Misconceptions

Are you a savvy home buyer… Or do you have your head in the sand? Despite the gravity Canadians place on home ownership (92% felt it’s an important life milestone in our recent survey), a surprisingly large number of us are still unclear on the home buying process.

This week, we’ve explored some of the biggest mortgage misconceptions: from reading your agreement to avoiding a bidding war, read on to learn more.

How a Bidding War Can Cost You Your Mortgage

In Canada’s hottest markets, engaging in a bidding war when house hunting is the norm. But your bank may not agree with your new home’s value – and they won’t cough up the funds you need for a mortgage. Here’s what you need to know about bidding wars, and when to walk away from one.

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May Mortgage Rates to Rise Amid Global Bond Sell Off

Well… those record lows couldn’t stick around forever. Fixed mortgage rates may be in for a small hike this month as bond yields rise, according to our expert Mortgage Rate Outlook Panel. What will this mean for your short-term borrowing costs? Read on our expert’s full monthly forecast.

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Two Thirds of Canadians Don’t Understand Their Mortgage Agreement

Would you sign away hundreds of thousands of your hard-saved dollars without fully understanding the contract? Seems like lunacy – but it’s a reality for two thirds of Canadian mortgage borrowers, according to a new Scotiabank survey. 33% of buyers said they didn’t read the entire contract – and of those, only 27% said they were clear on the fine print.

Here’s what you need to know to be an informed home buyer.

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New TFSA Contribution Rules: What You Need to Know

The new TFSA contribution rules state Canadians can save up to $10,000 annually tax-free. But confusion still persists over how these accounts work. Here’s what you need to know.

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Oaken Financial Adopts Cafe Banking Concept

Cafe banking – where clients are invited to sit and chat about their financial needs – is a growing trend in Canada. Oaken Financial is the latest lender to introduce this model, and MoneyWise was invited for a sneak peek. Check out our review.

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This week, we asked our Twitter followers:

Would you switch banks if they hiked your account fees?

The response was overwhelming – 85% of poll takers said YES – a rate hike would absolutely make them switch!

15% said they’d stay put to avoid the hassle of making a move.

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What’s your favourite type of credit card rewards? Cash back, travel, gas, or specialty retailer?

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