The Best Things to Buy in April

The Best Things to Buy in April

April might be rainy in most places across the country but the warming temperatures are likely a welcome improvement. Get outside this month and enjoy the sun when it’s out, but make sure to take advantage of all the great deals that April has to offer as well.

April is a great month to save money to find a lot of great deals.

Book Cruises and Trips to Europe

Spring heralds rain and mediocre weather in a number of different popular destinations. Temperatures are also often colder. That means that fewer people are travelling to those locations. Since many people travelled in March to take advantage of March Break, the travel industry sees fewer bookings. For this reason, look for deals on travel. The best deals can be found on spring and summer cruises and trips to Europe.

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Lace Up Your Running Shoes

With the weather improving across the country, more people will start lacing up their running shoes and running outside again in April. That means that many of those people will be buying new running shoes and other outdoor running gear. Look for sports stores to offer deals on running shoes during April to get runners and other outdoor enthusiasts into their stores. For the best deals, look at the clearance bin to see if they have anything in your size.

Check Out Grills and Outdoor Furniture

The best deals on grills are often at the end of the season so if you can wait until September to buy a new BBQ than you’ll be better off. But the second best time to buy is right at the beginning of the season. Expect to find great deals on grills, patio sets, and other outdoor furniture in April. While there likely will be less selection than there would be at the height of the summer season, by buying now you can get a good deal and have your patio set up and ready to go.

Make Time For Home Improvement

Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your home and get ready to host friends over the summer. If you want to do a minor renovation or just paint your walls a new colour, April is ideal. With the temperatures rising, more people will also be fixing up their home exteriors. Whether they need to replace their rain gutters or paint their houses, expect to find great deals on home improvement equipment and supplies this month. If you’re looking to get your garden started or to finally landscape your property, April is also a good time for garden supplies.

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Pick Up a Vacuum Cleaner

Spring is a great time to do some cleaning – or at least that’s what stores and companies think. Whether you plan to do a spring clean or not, you should take advantage of the deals you’ll find this month on vacuum cleaners if you need one.

Buy Some Indoor Fitness Equipment

Since more people are running and exercising outdoors, expect to find great deals on indoor fitness equipment in April. Stores will want to liquidate their stock on indoor equipment to make room for more outdoor equipment that will be in greater demand over the summer like bikes, scooters, and trampolines. Take advantage of great discounts, especially if you find discontinued models.

Get a New Television

November and December are generally thought to be the best times of the year to buy TVs, but April is a good time as well. That’s because many new models are announced or released at this time which means that there will be great deals on older models or discontinued models. While the network TV season is winding down, you’ll be able to catch up on shows on Netflix over the summer.

Buy Produce That’s In Season

Buying local and fresh produce isn’t just healthier for you but it’s also good for the local economy and potentially cheaper since it doesn’t have to be shipped in.

At this time of the year, there isn’t a lot that’s fresh but there will be in the coming months. In April, Foodland Ontario suggests you enjoy and save on local rhubarb, beets, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, parsnips, potatoes, rutabaga, and sweet potatoes.

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