The Best Things to Buy in May

The Best Things to Buy in May

Whether you’re serving up barbecue for Mother’s Day lunch or throwing a picnic during the Victoria Day long weekend, May is the month when most Canadians fire up the grill for the first time of the year. With that being said, you’ll likely be able to score some deals on barbecue staples, as well as a number of other things this month. Here are some of the best ways to save in May.

Buy a New Mattress

May is a great time to look for deals on mattresses as new models of mattresses often come out around this time, so stores have to liquidate their current stock. The spring cleaning bug also prompts stores to offer discounts on things that will help you freshen up your home.

Check Out Kitchen and Homewares

Spring cleaning, Mother’s Day and the start of wedding season equates to great sales on kitchen gadgets and other homewares. While sales on big ticket items like KitchenAid mixers still tend to price best before the Christmas holidays, May is the time of the year when you’ll also find steep discounts.

Buy That New Appliance

If you need a new fridge, stove, microwave, washer or dryer then May is the month for you. Companies release new models around this time which means that you can potentially get an recent-but-older model at a deep discount. If you really want to save money, ask about the floor or display model. These often go for an even steeper discount. And don’t forget to negotiate for an even lower price than what they initially quote you, if possible.

Start Up the Grill

As mentioned before, most Canadians from coast to coast will likely be hoping that the weather is nice enough to cook outdoors over open flames during the Victoria Day long weekend. For this reason, expect to see some great deals on grilling essentials at the grocery store. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and condiments will be on sale along with paper plates and plastic cups. Why not stock up for the barbecuing season ahead?

Stock Up On Camping and Outdoor Gear

Victoria Day long weekend is a popular occasion to go camping and fishing for the first time this season. Stores recognize this trend and sometimes offer attractive discounts on outdoor gear. This is a great time to get a good deal on a tent, sleeping bag, or stock up on other key camping supplies.

Get Your Star Wars Merchandise

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you likely know about May 4th. It’s been co-opted into a holiday to celebrate the Star Wars fandom because the day sounds similar to the popular Star Wars catchphrase ‘May the force be with you.’ On this day, expect to find some great online deals for Star Wars merchandise as stores liquidate their discontinued Star Wars products and offer discounts on current products. If you have family members or friends who love Star Wars, then you can potentially stock up on gifts for birthdays or even Christmas.

Spring for New Clothing

Spring clothing usually goes up on sale in May. Since many clothing stores get their summer stock in this month, they need to liquidate their spring supply. It’s a great time to get good deals on light layers, spring jackets, and other necessities that you’ll still be able to wear for the rest of the season and potentially throughout the summer.

Get a Gym Membership

As the temperature warms up, more people will want to take advantage of the nice weather and move their work out from the gym to the great outdoors. That means that there will be fewer people at the gym and a decline in memberships sold. This translates into savings for you as you can often get great deals for annual or seasonal gym memberships this month. Go at the end of the month and negotiate for a lower price. Chances are they’ll be desperate to meet their monthly target and will offer you the best deal.

Buy Fresh Local Food

Buying fresh local food is one great way to save money while supporting local farmers. While May is still early in the season, according to Foodland Ontario you can get fresh rhubarb and certain varieties of strawberries near the end of the month. You can also enjoy fresh local asparagus, carrots, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, rutabaga, sweet potatoes, and spinach.

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