The Best Spring Mortgage Season… Ever?

Spring Mortgage Season RU

If you’re on the hunt for home financing this spring, you’ve practically got a garden of discounts to choose from: lenders big and small are bringing their A game – especially for those who are A borrowers. One lender has introduced a mortgage rate so low, it’s pegged as the lowest posted rate in Canada’s history – and we have all the details.

Meanwhile, the Bank of Canada sticks to their guns on economic recovery, and holds on the Overnight Lending Rate. Read on for the full story.

Bank of Canada Rate Announcement: Less Atrocious Times Ahead?

The Bank of Canada released their third interest rate announcement of the year this week, leaving central interest rates untouched, but revealing insight as to how badly the economy has been affected by the dropping price of oil. However, optimism remains that better conditions lie ahead in 2016. Read on for our breakdown of the announcement.

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Canadian Home Buyers Prefer Fixed Mortgage Rates Over Variable

It’s an age-old debate – is it better to save with a variable mortgage rate, or lock in to the stability of a fixed term? Turns out, Canadians prefer the reassurance and safety of fixed mortgage rates, according to a recent survey by CIBC. What’s the best fit for you? Read on for the survey findings.

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Meridian Introduces 1.49% Mortgage Rate

They say it’s the lowest posted mortgage rate ever made available in Canada – Meridian has introduced a 1.49% mortgage rate for an 18-month term. This highly unusual short-term mortgage has the potential to save you some serious cash – but it’s important for consumers to be savvy at renewal time. Read on for the full story.

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Joe Oliver’s Letter Leak Indicates TFSA Doubling to Come

In a leaked confidential letter, Finance Minister Joe Oliver has indicated TFSA doubling is likely. Here’s what consumers should know.

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Credit Card Code of Conduct: Changes For Fees and Mobile Payments

New consumer-friendly changes were announced today for the Credit Card Code of Conduct, focusing on reduced fees and greater transparency. How will consumers benefit? Read on for the full story

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6 Ways to Save Money On Your Taxes

Not self employed? You still have the chance to make claims and save on your taxes. Here are 6 areas you may not be considering when you file, that have the potential to pay you back.

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