Best of Finance 2013: Student Products

Bof2013 best Student Products


The golden rule for students: forget fees! Why pay more monthly when you’re already living within a tight student budget? The best student products let you access your cash for free, provide unlimited transactions, and add on a reward or two to help stretch those dollars.

Did You Know?

  • Students need every financial break they can get – the average graduate faces 14 yearsof debt repayment to pay off their student loans.
  • 42.3% of young Canadians aged 20 – 29 still live at home with their parents.
  • Youth and student unemployment is double that of the national average, at 14%
  • The average Canadian post secondary school tuition costs $56,124

*source: Can Canadians Afford The Future?

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The Best Student Credit Cards

How We Did It: To find the most scholarly plastic, we compared the market based on the unique needs of students, including:

How We Did It Student Credit Cards




Why It’s a Winner

Not only does this no-fee card offer one reward point on every dollar spent, but it’s a real help come date night – cardholders will earn 5% on the dollar when buying movie tickets and other merchandise at Cineplex locations. Not only that, but you’ll score 10% off at the concession stand, too – and popcorn is expensive these days!

Rewards Breakdown

  • Rewards earned: $221.90
  • Rewards return rate: 1%5% on Cineplex purchases

Student Rewards Breakdown

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MBNA Studentawards


 The Best Student Banks Accounts

How We Did It: To find the best place for students to stash their cash, we compared the following:

How We Did It Bank Accounts

CIBC Winner


Why It’s a Winner

This is truly a no-strings attached bank account, with unlimited transactions, no annual fees, or balance limitations. In fact, the only fee you’ll ever have to pay is to take money out from another lender’s ATM. It’s free, it’s flexible – what’s not to love?

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