Beat the Winter Blahs

Beat those cold weather winter costsJanuary 25, 2013

The Canadian winter is in full force – and baby, it’s cooooold outside! It may be tempting to crank the thermostat or shop away those seasonal blues – but don’t let your finances get into a frosty funk.

We’ve uncovered the biggest ways cold weather can cost you money – read on to overcome those winter blahs.

Beating the Blue Monday Finance Blues

The third week of January, also known as Blue Monday, is considered to be the most depressing day of the year, based on lingering debt, crummy weather and holiday withdrawal.
If you’re feeling glum, check out our ways to get your finances back on track – and a smile back on your face!

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Save On Your Heating Bill This Winter

Temperatures may be dropping, but your energy bill is doing just the opposite. What’s a chilly Canadian to do?

Defrost with easy home weather-proofing tips designed to save your money. Now that’s a warm and toasty feeling!

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Investment Warning Signs

When it comes to investing your money, it seems everyone has a say. Whether it’s a family member, friend or even a financial advisor offering up their sage advice, it’s always wise to look before you leap – after all, it’s your money!.

Check out our top investment warning signs, and why they can signal trouble.

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And in other finance news this week…

And the Winner Is… Your Wallet!

Canadians resolving to get their finances in order this year are getting some great insider advice from, Canada’s independent online rate comparison resource. Check out the inaugural Best of Finance Awards, honouring the best financial products and resources in Canada in 2012.

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New Year, Old Mortgage Rates

It’s a new year – but mortgage rates are stuck at the same levels. With the global economy remaining on shaky ground, and government of Canada bonds remaining an attractive option for investors, it’s not expected that fixed or variable mortgage rates will change in January.

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Bank of Canada Announcement: A Slower Economy

The Bank of Canada announcement stated no change to the Overnight Interest Rate, meaning the cost of borrowing will stay at record lows for now. However, their quarterly report shows the Canadian economy is growing at a slower pace than projected last fall.

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Red Tape Awareness Week: A Threat to Small Businesses

Did you know that it’s Red Tape Awareness Week? This initiative, run by the CFIB, is an effort to reduce slow government processes and increase productivity for small businesses – the backbone of Canada’s economy.

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Best New Credit Card 2012: Scotiabank Gold American Express

Last year, Scotiabank unveiled a new lineup of travel rewards credit cards in partnership with American Express. The Scotiabank Gold American Express leads this group with one of the highest reward returns around – and very flexible flyer perks.

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You Answered!

Answer and win

This week, we asked Canadians:

Do you fear the Blue Monday effect?

41.5% say Blue Monday doesn’t ruffle their feathers… because they didn’t know it existed in the first place! Hey, nothing wrong with avoiding the most depressing day of the year!

37.7% of respondents say they don’t let the winter blues get them down, choosing instead to focus on debt repayment year-round.

20.8% however, are feeling the effects, saying lingering holiday debt combined with miserable weather takes a toll.

Got something to say? Tell us in this week’s poll. There’s even a prize or two up for grabs:

What is your preferred method of investment?

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