Back-to-Budget Season

It's time to recover from the September school shopping season.

Back-to-school season is upon us, and families everywhere are likely feeling the post-shopping pinch. Some good news then, for those who’ve racked up the credit card or taken out a student loan – borrowing costs in Canada won’t be going anywhere in the short term, according to this week’s Bank of Canada announcement.

Get the full story – along with our forecast for this month’s mortgage rates – below, along with the week’s top headlines.

September Mortgage Rates Get a D for Discount

Applying for a mortgage this month? You’re in luck –’s expert Mortgage Rate Outlook Panel calls for summer’s steep discounts to continue through September. Read on for their full forecast for fixed and variable mortgage rates.

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Bank of Canada September 2014 Rate Announcement: No Change… Again

The Bank of Canada released their latest rate announcement this week and – shocker – made no change to the trendsetting Overnight Lending Rate. However, the report is full of important tidbits and hints at what’s to come for Canada’s economy – read on for our full breakdown.

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How I Spend Only $100 a Month on Groceries

Frugal living extraordinaire Sean Cooper is well on his way to being mortgage-free by 31 – but did you know he also spends only $100 on groceries? Read on to see how he maintains his rock-bottom food costs.

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5 Renovations that Could Hurt Your Home’s Resale Value

As Canadian housing prices continue their rising trend, it’s no surprise that homeowners want the most out of their investment. And, while house flipping shows make value-adding renos seem a breeze, such projects aren’t always necessary – and some can even hurt the value of your home. Here, our friends from The Housing Block share tips on whether you really need those renos.

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Why Burger King’s Tax Inversion is Good for Canada

Let’s call it a Whopper of a deal: the latest corporate buzz surrounds Burger King’s recent $11-billion acquisition of beloved Canadian brand Tim Horton’s. This new merger makes it the third largest fast food chain in the world behind Subway and McDonald’s. The combined company, owned by Brazilian private-equity firm 3G Capital Inc. with a 70 per cent majority, will be headquartered in Oakville, Ontario. The move is causing controversy on both sides of the border – but Canada has much to gain from the deal.

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