Back-to-School Spending Struggles

Back to School Spending Struggles

We’ve all heard the tongue-in-cheek jingle: back-to-school is the “most wonderful time of the year”. But for many Canadian families, it’s a spending season that rivals Christmas. This year, rising consumer prices and a freshly-minted recession could send many scrambling for credit, just to get back to the classroom – a challenge facing parents and post-secondary students alike.

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Are Canadian Students in Debt Denial?

Are students plunging themselves into debt danger? Several reports out this week show credit card use is a growing concern among this age group. But is it the real story? We polled 820 student-aged millennials on their debt perspectives – their answers may surprise you!

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A Recession Election: What Fed Leaders Are Promising

The numbers are in – Canada is officially experiencing a recession. And, with a federal election in October, it’s the main focus for Canada’s political leaders. Each party has revealed how they’ll approach an economic downturn, and we’ve compiled their stances here. Read on for the full story.

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7 Tips: Beat Rising Back to School Costs

The writing’s on the chalkboard – it’s more expensive to buy school supplies this year. As the Consumer Price Index in Canada rises, parents will find themselves shelling out more for everything from groceries to electronics. But you can still save money on your back to school costs – here, Désirée shares her top tips.

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Do You Know Your Daily Interest Cost?

The small things really do add up. Your daily interest cost is what your debt costs you on an everyday basis – and the amount may shock you! Here’s how to calculate yours, and pay down your debt faster.

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It’s Officially a Recession!

The latest GDP numbers are in and they’ve confirmed there is officially a recession in Canada. What should consumers and taxpayers know? Read on to learn more.

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Hey Students – Stop Overthinking Your Financial Future

A recent RBC study finds students are worried about the financial future – and it’s no wonder, as employment prospects are tight, and tuition costs high. When it comes to juggling jobs, classes and loans, it’s easy to become a stress case – here, Derek shares his tips for staying financially grounded as he enters his last year of college.

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