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I'm the Editor in Chief of MoneyWise,’s learning and news resource. Here at RSM, we live by the mantra “Financial Freedom for All” – and when it comes to successful money management, I strongly believe that knowledge is power. That’s why you’ll find the information you need here – from personal finance basics to breaking news that affects YOUR bottom line. I speak from experience: as a millennial who once lived paycheque to paycheque, I’m now a new homeowner who’s building my long-term financial plan. I’m constantly learning from this blog and the experiences of our readers. I sincerely hope you find MoneyWise to be as helpful a resource. You can learn more about me on Google+ and LinkedIn, and catch me occasionally on your favourite national and local news channels.

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Your New Way to Pay

Have you joined the tap-to-pay movement? Consumers around the world are starting to eschew their wallets in favour of payment apps – but Canada’s banks are dragging their heels. While it remains to be seen when shoppers here will access the latest in tap tech, other new developments – from rewards to wearables – have recently hit the market. Read on to learn more about these exciting new options. Continue reading »