Jaclyn Tersigni
Jaclyn Tersigni is a Toronto-based writer and editor. She's written on everything from tea sommeliers to motorcycle-riding granddads to regifting etiquette. With a journalism degree from Ryerson University, she got her start at ELLE Canada and The Globe and Mail. Her interests and hobbies include all things ocean-related (notably, the beach, oysters and surf culture), overbuying used books and clothing, riding her bike all over town and, most importantly, music old and new.

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Costco Credit Card Switch: Are Customers Losing Out?
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Costco Credit Card Switch: Are Customers Losing Out?

Costco has recently switched up its credit card partnerships, discontinuing its partnership with American Express and introducing a new Capital One rewards option for club members. How have customers’ Costco credit card options changed – and are they still earning the same rewards? Read on for our breakdown. Continue reading »