Are You Retirement-Ready?

Are You Retirement-Ready-

RRSP season is upon us, and banks are laying on the pressure to save – are you putting enough cash away? Many Canadians, especially young adults, aren’t entirely clear on how they should be saving for retirement – and we spoke to a few of them to see how they really feel (check out our video below)!
Meanwhile, rising bank fees add insult to injury for consumers cash-strapped from a lower loonie. Read on for our full coverage.

VIDEO: RRSP-ECT – Find Out What It Means to Me

We’ve all seen the scary headlines: Canadians, especially Millennials, aren’t saving enough for their golden years. But there’s a lot of confusion around saving effectively – how much do you need to sock away? Should you use an RRSP?

We took to the streets to see how Canadians really feel about their retirement chances. Check out our video!

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INFOGRAPHIC: Canadian Mortgage Snapshot

Did you know – there are 5.71 million mortgages in Canada, and $3 trillion in home equity nation-wide? That’s a lot of lending – and 2015 was no exception, with 660,000 new home purchases.

We’ve compiled the most recent stats from Mortgage Professionals Canada into a handy infographic – read on for all you need to know about the 2015 market.

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TD Canada Trust Introduces Higher Banking Fees

TD is the latest bank to unveil a round of higher banking fees – hardly the news consumers, who are already squeezed by the lower loonie, want to hear. Fed up with rising fees? Sean Cooper shares his tips for fighting back.

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Economy: If Oil is Low, Why are Gas Prices High?

Oil prices have dropped 75 per cent since early 2015 – so why aren’t drivers seeing any gas price relief at the pump? There are a number of factors behind gas pricing – read on for our breakdown.

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Mortgages: What Millennials Want

Real estate prices may be high in Canada’s biggest markets, but that’s not stopping millennial buyers from making an impact on the market. From new condo developments to a spike in renos, here’s how this buyer group influences the market – and what they value most.

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Lifestyle: Can You Afford to be a Single-Income Family?

Can you afford to be a single-income family? For some, it makes more financial sense for one parent to stay at home – but there are many factors to consider. Gordon Powers breaks down the economics behind the stay-at-home parent.

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Personal Finance: Should You Open a U.S. Dollar Account?

With the loonie so low, is it a good idea to open up a US dollar account? Depending on your needs, it could save you on exchange fees – read on to learn when you may need a U.S. bank account and credit card.

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