An Economic Education

Economic Education: Learn about macroeconomics

You’ve seen the headlines – Canada’s economy appears to contract and expand more than the Ab Blaster 2000. The general consensus is that our nation is on the right track for economic growth… but at the end of the day, what does that spell for your wallet?

This week we’re taking a macro approach, and breaking down the ABC’s of what really makes our great nation tick.

Understanding Province Equalization Payments

You’ve heard the term “haves” and “have nots” – but do you know which applies to your home province?

Canada’s equalization payment system determines the amount of financial support individual provinces receive from the government. Read on to see where your region stands, and how it contributes to the economic big picture.

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Inflation And GDP: What You Need To Know About Economic Growth

Economic indicators like inflation and GDP shed light on what’s to come for the Canadian economy… and potentially the next steps for monetary policy makers. At the end of the day, economic growth affects you – the consumer.

Not sure how to interpret the numbers? Here’s what you need to know about understanding inflation and GDP.

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3 Economic Facts About Canadian Energy Resources

From sea to shining sea, Canada is known for its abundant natural resources supply. But it’s our energy industry that really supports our economy.

Whether you’re for or against oil and gas initiatives, here’s what you need to know about how these industries affect our nation’s bottom line – and the jobs created as a result.

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And now for this week’s hottest headlines…

Syria And Global Markets

As with all international conflicts, there is a connection between Syria and global markets. Read on to see how investors react to the threat of global instability.

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Canadians Are Making More Money Post Recession

Recent data released by the Stats Canada National Household Survey show Canadians are making more money as the nation recovers from the recession.

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Beware Car Insurance Fraud Dangers On Craigslist and Kijiji

Searching for the lowest car insurance rate? It’s a super savvy move to compare the market – but be wary of too-good-to-be-true deals found on sites like Kijiji and Craigslist. Fraudsters lurking on these sites are hoping to scam you out of your cash – and leave you uninsured and liable in case of an accident.

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Global Housing Markets: How Does Canada Compare?

Real estate in Canada remains strong despite rising mortgage rates – how do we compare with global housing markets?

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4 In 10 Canadians Find Travel Rewards Credit Cards Confusing

You’ve been earning points for months, or even years – and now you want to take that dream vacation. But are you faced with a frustrating redemption process and flight restrictions? If you’re confused by your travel rewards credit card, you’re not alone – an RBC study finds 4 in 10 Canadians feel the same way.

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Aeroplan Credit Cards: CIBC, TD And Aimia Reach Agreement

A new agreement has been reached between CIBC, TD and Aimia over the issue of Aeroplan credit cards. How will this affect current consumers and how can credit card clients take advantage of new rewards options?

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Canadian Jobs: Should You Ditch The Degree For Trade School?

A growing skills shortage in Canada suggests students looking for higher-earning careers should turn to trade school instead of a university degree. Read on to see why the traditional education path may not lead to employment.

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You Answered!

This week, we posed the question:
What will your biggest financial challenge be this school year?
48.5% of cash strapped students polled say balancing their monthly budget is their biggest financial challenge.
36.6% say kickstarting their savings while living such a frugal lifestyle seems out of reach.
6.9% fess up to wasting too much cash on their hard partying lifestyles.
5% said making their student loan last the year was a daunting challenge.
3% say their credit card habits are running them into debt faster than expected.

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