A Season of Change

Season of Change

There were a few shakeups in the personal finance scene this week – are you able to adapt? On the mortgage front, prospective home buyers find themselves under the microscope as new rules charge insurers with better regulating the lending industry. Meanwhile, new interchange fees could signal changes to your favourite credit card features. But don’t fear – we have you covered. Read on for the latest.

 In Mortgages: New Scrutiny for Mortgage Borrowers: B-20 and B-21 Updates

Watch out mortgage applicants: the latest set of mortgage rules have been put in place, targeting high risk borrowing and shoddy lender practices. Mortgage insurers are now tasked with closely regulating the banks and their home financing practices. Read on to see how this recent changes will affect home buyers.

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In Credit Cards: What If My Bank Changes My Credit Card Agreement?

The terms of your credit card are bound by contract with your lender – but what if they decide to introduce changes to existing features, promos and fees? It’s important to know your rights, understand the changes and take action – here’s what customers should do in the case of a cardholder agreement shakeup.

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In Personal Finance: The Nymi Band: Would You Use Heartbeat Banking?

The bionic technology trend is sweeping the mobile banking industry and taking security to a whole new level with biometric-based authentication… meaning you alone hold the key to your online bank account. The latest – a wristband that identifies the user by their heartbeat – is making a big splash. But would you use heartbeat banking? Here’s what you need to know.

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In Mortgages: No Shakeup In Store For November Mortgage Rates

There’s no change in store for November mortgage rates, as bond yields and global economic conditions fail to prompt a shakeup, according to RateSupermarket.ca’s expert panel.

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In Economic News: How Immigration Boosts Canadian Trade

Canadian immigration has been found to directly impact the health of the import and export industry. Read on to learn more about how newcomers boost Canada’s economy.

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In Credit Cards: 5 Credit Card Hacks You Must Try This Holiday Season

Want to spend less this holiday season? Your secret weapon could be your credit card! Learn how to use rewards for shopping cash, get big discounts on gifts and other items, and cut your costs with these earnings tips and tricks!

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