A Mortgage Evolution

A Mortgage Evolution

We may have entered the dog days of summer, but Canadian home buyers are anything but lazy. Demand has driven skyrocketing housing prices in our nation’s urban centres – and now, a new renovation tax credit promise from the Conservatives could further fuel the real estate fire.

Just how tough is it for new buyers to break into the market? Our recent study finds 84% of millennials feel housing is less affordable today than in decades past. Read on for the full story.

INFOGRAPHIC: This Is Not Your Mother’s Mortgage

Do first-time home buyers really have a tougher time in today’s housing market? Millennials, facing million-dollar price tags, would definitely agree – only 46% said they could afford a house in their region, according to our Not Your Mother’s Mortgage poll. Check out our infographic – and see how you could be one of our weekly $100 gift card winners!

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Churning Credit Cards: The Pros and Cons

Looking to earn rewards in a hurry? The practice of churning credit cards – signing up for cards to score big signup bonuses, and then cancelling before the annual fee kicks in – can be an effective way to get free flights, groceries, and other goodies. But churning comes with risks, including possible harm to your credit score. Here’s what you should know.

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Conservatives Promise New Renovation Tax Credit

With the October federal election right around the corner, the Conservative government has rolled out several tax-treat promises. The most recent – a 15% tax credit on renovation costs – targets current homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. But will it really put a dent in home improvement costs? And would such a credit further fuel housing prices in Canada?

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No Summer Sale In Store For Mortgage Rates

What’s in store for August mortgage rates? RateSupermarket.ca’s expert Mortgage Rate Outlook Panel finds both fixed and variable rates will remain unchanged in the short term. Good news for buyers looking to get into the market before back-to-school season hits.

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3 Tips: Avoid Back to School Overspending

September is just around the corner and a report finds school shopping will be up 4%. How can you avoid back to school overspending? Derek shares his tested and true ways to gear up for the new semester.

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