7 Tips To Spend Less This Thanksgiving

Easy tips for spending less this ThanksgivingThanksgiving is almost here and we wanted to share some tips and tricks to make sure you save the most money this year!

Avoid Pre-Packaged Turkey Kits and Pre-Made Sauces

It is really easy to fall in love with the convenience of purchasing the easy packages that many grocery stores have available – but it’s not difficult (and a whole lot cheaper) to cook a turkey yourself, or make a nice cranberry sauce.

You will find many tutorials for cooking a turkey and making a simple cranberry sauce online.

Buy A Frozen Turkey

A fresh turkey will end up costing you at least three times the price of a frozen turkey that is on sale. Just remember to plan in advance as most grocery stores will have their rock-bottom prices for turkeys before holiday season kicks into gear.

Use Coupons to Reduce the Cost

You can find printable coupons to save money on everything from baking supplies to beverages to condiments or snacks.

Planning Tips to Save Time and Money

  1. Write out a cooking schedule and timetable. Try to plan a few dishes that could be prepared in advance and show the dishes that require day-of preparation.
  2. Make sure your have all the kitchen equipment you will need, especially a large roasting pan if you are roasting the turkey.
  3. Plan the seating in advance so if you require extra chairs or place settings you can borrow from a friend or family member.

Decorating On A Budget

Get inspired by Pinterest! I found so many incredible decorating ideas from this social media website that I could only share a few ideas I liked.

Using dollar store staples like glasses, sticker letters and using seasonal products like cinnamon sticks, pine cones, and acorns you can create an elegant display.

Here is a 5 Minute Centerpiece that will impress your guests for little cost.

Thanksgiving Feast Suggestions That Will Save You Time

Remember that even though it is Thanksgiving you do not need to always use pumpkin and cranberries in every dish.

Having the entire family together also give you the opportunity to try new recipes. What about a nice platter of meat and cheeses with fruit or an easy recipe with crostini? Don’t be afraid of experimenting with new sweets or savoury dishes.

Even More Delicious Appetizer Ideas

Creative (And Cheap) Sides Ideas

Not only are these sides a little different, but they’ll wow your guests.

Ask For Some Help!

Do not try to make everything. Ask your guests contribute by bringing the wine or other parts of the meal (dessert, appetizers, side dishes). Make sure everyone knows what they are bringing and what, if any, serving dishes and utensils they should also bring.

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