3 Odd Insurance Claims that Have Actually Been Filed

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When mishaps occur, you want your insurance company to help. But,  what about when the claim sounds too weird to be true? From a slippery slip and fall to a plane dropping blue ice over Canada, here’s a look at a few of the oddest claims filed.

What’s the worst that could happen, right?

1. This Stinks! When Blue Ice Falls from Plane

In Abbotsford and Kelowna, residents filed claims after reports that “blue ice” knocked holes in roofs of businesses and homes. Turns out, it was blue sewage leaking from a plane. The blue liquid is used to disinfect human waste in the restrooms on airplanes. The sewage, in this incident, froze as it dropped from the sky at high altitudes creating large chunks of “blue ice”. But, in a separate incident, the waste wasn’t frozen.

When it happened in southeast Calgary, homeowner Theresa Couch and her husband thought it was a loud explosion. The fire department found a hole that traveled from her roof through her ceiling into her basement measuring about a foot in diameter.

The fire department confirmed that a WestJet plane passed overhead at the time of the incident. Having the fire department or police confirm the origin of any suspicious matter can help substantiate a claim. In this case, it was “falling objects” from overhead. But what about when the suspicious matter is raw sewage landing on you and the other party denies it?

2. Clearly Not a Flock of Geese

Last summer foul-smelling material fell from a Transport Canada plane. It landed on cars and directly on people as they were driving. One person, Susan Allan, went to the hospital when the material got into her eyes through an open sunroof. It also landed on her son who reported that the material was freezing cold to the touch. Diagnosed with conjunctivitis, Allan was put on eye drops.

Transport Canada denied that what fell from their planes was raw human waste. But, two British Columbia communities were also affected.

When submitting evidence to your carrier for reimbursement, they might start an investigation. The insurance investigation can confirm if there was more than one victim. In this case, several drivers contacted the news and airport as they all spotted a plane – – and not a  flock of geese – – flying overhead.

3. The Slippery Slip and Fall

In one slip and fall claim, a woman, Marian Hamilton, fell in Ontario on a vinyl floor in the common area of her apartment building. But, in court, she couldn’t confirm the floor’s condition. She initially said it was “quite shiny” and then “slippery”. But later didn’t say “shiny” at all.

To help substantiate her claim, Hamilton explained that it had rained at a nearby airport but she couldn’t remember the weather the day she fell. With a lack of evidence, she lost her case.

In this instance, when filing a claim with apartment renters insurance, cases such as this fall under the Occupiers Liability Act. With this statute, the owner of a property will ensure the premises are reasonably safe for its residents.

Need to File a Claim? Or, Need Homeowner Insurance?

Whether it’s debris falling from a plane or something slippery on the floor, when you need to file a claim, contact your insurance provider right away. Your insurance company has set time limits for filing claims so review the terms and conditions in your policy.

Insurance adjusters generally start a claim investigation to ensure there is no fraud in your claim. You may need to provide police reports or medical records as evidence to support your claim. For help with homeowner insurance, use Rate Supermarket to compare rates from the best home insurance providers today! 

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