2014’s Top Housing Headlines

2014  Housing Headlines

There’s just six shopping days left until Christmas – where has the year gone? It seems 2014 has gone by in a flash – but not without plenty of economic ups and downs, especially for home buyers.

As part of our annual Best of Finance month, we’ve looked back at the biggest events affecting the Canadian mortgage market. Read on to catch up this year’s highlights.

INFOGRAPHIC: Mortgage Moments of 2014

It’s been a very eventful year for mortgages, as lenders continued to compete with record-low offerings – a silver lining as the overall affordability of housing dwindled in our nation’s biggest markets – all while speculation raged that central rates would rise at any moment.

Want to catch up on the action? Check out our infographic below.

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Mortgage Trends in Canada: What’s Behind Your Rate?

It’s been a year of record low mortgage rates for both fixed and variable-rate holders. Will these great discounts last into 2015?

To get an idea of where rates may be headed, we’ve looked to the past, with an in-depth roundup of the top economic factors that affect rates. Read on for all you need to know about assessing the housing market.

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5 Reasons to go Holiday House Hunting

If the thought of traipsing through open houses this time of year makes you groan, you’re not alone; with the craziness of the holidays in full swing, finding your dream home may be pushed to the back burner. It’s precisely this reason that the buyers who do come out witness a Christmas miracle – buying a home without the bidding war.

Read on to see why house hunting in the off season has its advantages.

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In Mortgages: Why Homeowners Should Care About Higher Fees for MBS

The CMHC recently announced higher fees for MBS- the mortgage-backed securities lenders pool together to minimize risk. How will you be affected?

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In Personal Finance: 4 Tips to Avoid Holiday Overspending

We all start off with the best budgeting intentions – but the holiday overspending trap is so easy to fall into. Check out these tips for avoiding a merry money pit.

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In Economic News: Closing the U.S.-Canada Price Gap

The Canada-U.S. price gap has long been a point of contention for Canadian consumers. Now, the government is promising change – but will it  really result in lower prices?

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This week, we asked our Twitter followers:

Do you have a post-holiday debt repayment plan in place?

38% said YES, they do have a post-holiday payoff plan

67% said NO, they do not have a plan… but half of these respondents said it’s because they won’t take on any holiday debt in the first place. Good for you!

Want in on the winning action? Here’s this week’s Q:

What’s your 2015 financial resolution?

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