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At RateSupermarket.ca you can view the entire market in one place so that you can compare like-for-like and find the product that best matches your needs. Find YOUR best rate by seeing through hidden fees, saving on interest payments, boosting your savings, or getting the most rewards.

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Join over 11 million Canadians taking control of their money. Compare the market and find YOUR best rate at RateSupermarket.ca! Ready to get started? Select a product below and see how much you can SAVE. Mortgage Rates

Find the best mortgage rates for you by instantly comparing over 100 lenders across Canada including bank mortgage rates, mortgage brokers, credit unions, and specialty lenders. Compare mortgage features of the top offers, see how your bank stacks up, gain bargaining power, and find the best mortgage rate for you. Those that compare can save thousands! Check out this infographic for 3 Steps to SAVE $65,541 on your Mortgage!

Mortgage Calculators Can Help You Save

How do the best mortgage rates stack up to your own? Use the RateSupermarket.ca Mortgage Calculator to determine your monthly payments - and how much you can afford on your mortgage. By factoring in your mortgage rate, amortization and payment term, you can calculate the amount of interest you will pay over time. You can then see how much interest you can save over the course of your mortgage by changing your mortgage rate, or by making accelerated payments and lump sum payments. These payment options can decrease your amortization, and potentially save you thousands of dollars on your mortgage.

Canada's Mortgage Trends

Are you looking for info on Canadian mortgage trends and housing market statistics? Check out RatePulse, RateSupermarket.ca's monthly digest on the market including comprehensive mortgage statistics. Compiled from visitor activity within the site, RatePulse provides valuable insight to mortgage rate trends, the average mortgage value, and the most popular mortgage rates searched. Learn how your mortgage rate and amortization compares to the national average with the latest mortgage trends.

Check out the Mortgage Rate Outlook Panel for an insider look at short-term mortgage rate movement. RateSupermarket.ca's expert mortgage panel provides their take on whether mortgage rates will go up, down or remain unchanged for the coming month. Learn more about these mortgage trends, and the market factors that affect their movement.

Credit Cards

View all of the credit card offers in the Canadian market to see through hidden fees, access introductory offers, cut down your annual fees, and compare the reward return to find the best credit card for you.

With RateSupermarket.ca's credit cards comparison, you can compare and easily access the best low interest credit cards, rewards credit cards, no fee credit cards, and low balance transfer credit cards in Canada. Pay down your credit card debt faster, get the most rewards points or pay less interest with the best credit cards for you.

Bank Accounts

The best bank accounts are so much more than a place to keep your money - sometimes you're after a high savings rate, other times you're looking for lower fees. Take control of your money, and find the best bank account suited for your needs.

On RateSupermarket.ca you can compare the best bank accounts in Canada including: chequing accounts, savings accounts, TFSA (tax free savings accounts), student accounts, senior accounts, and children's bank accounts. Get the highest savings rate, cut down your monthly fees, get a transparent look at the market, see how you bank stacks up, compare the features of each account like-for-like, and find the best bank account for you.


Looking for the best insurance coverage at the lowest price? Find the right insurance policy for your needs, and the best life insurance quotes, at RateSupermarket.ca. You can search life insurance quotes, car insurance quotes and tenant insurance quotes. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe at the lowest insurance premiums.


Are you getting the best rate for your investments? Smart investing is the best way to take control of your money. Compare the Canadian GIC market to find the best GIC rates for you and watch your savings grow.