Take The Budget Report Card Challenge!

Are You Flunking On Your Finances?

You may be head of the class and acing your midterms - but does your budget make the grade? Find out if you're a scholarly saver or kick starting decades of debt with RateSupermarket.ca's Budget Report Card.

What's Your Student Spending Budget?

How much is your yearly tuition?

How much money do you have to live on for the year? (Include all student loans, scholarships and work income).

How many years of school do you have left?

Your total income requirement:

Be honest... How much are you going over your spending budget?

  • I'm not! I budget for the occasional shopping trip, pub night or dinner out, and I make sure I'm breaking even.
  • I try to stick to my budget most of the time - but I've been known to splurge every month or so.
  • On a weekly basis. I just can't seem to stay under what I've set aside for my living costs.

Do you also carry credit card debt?

  • No - I live on a cash diet when it comes to my finances, or pay my credit card off regularly if I do use it to make a purchase.
  • I do have a bit of credit card debt from the odd expense or treat - but I'll pay it back later.
  • I use my credit card on a regular basis to make ends meet.

Do you have any savings?

  • Yes - I already have some savings from before I started school, and continue to contribute to them whenever I can.
  • A little bit - I try my best to set some of my income aside in savings, even if it's just a really small amount.
  • No - I can't even start to think about saving with all this debt I've accumulated.

Do you have a student loan that must be paid back?

  • No, I'm one of the lucky few graduating without debt!
  • Yes, I have a loan that must be paid back in full.

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You're a Super Savvy Student Spender!

You're top of the class when it comes to money management. Stay on your smart spending track - not only YOU will graduate with less debt, but you're learning valuable lessons for successful finances in adulthood.

You're Making The Money Grade

We get it... college life can't be all work and no play. And, for the most part, you're doing A-ok balancing your budget without going overboard on life's little splurges. Avoid busting your bank by setting cash aside for those well-deserved study breaks, and smarten up that savings account for the future.

You Need Some Extra Credit

Consider this a wakeup call for your wild spending ways: if you keep shelling out the way you are, you're going to end up in a deep debt hole before you even graduate! Take the time now to amend your money mistakes - give your budget a frugal facelift, and put a plan in place NOW to pay off that mounting credit card debt!

Thanks for Entering!