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March 2015
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When it comes to finding out what average Canadians are looking for in a mortgage, savings account or a credit card, our visitors have a lot to say.

We've compiled the following stats by looking at the searches made by our visitors throughout the site. As outlined in our privacy policy, all names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, and other forms of identification have been removed before the data was compiled.

Key Economic Figures

Bank of Canada Key Overnight Lending Rate * 0.75%
Bank of Canada Qualifying Rate * 4.79%
Bank Prime Rate * 3.00%
Consumer Price Index * 1.50%
Core Consumer Price Index * 2.20%
National Unemployment Rate ** 6.80%

*Source: Bank of Canada **Source: Statistics Canada

Summary of Mortgage Statistics for Canada

Average Mortgage Value $0
Most Common Amortization Period Years
Most Common Mortgage Type 25 Year Fixed Closed
Best 5 Year Variable Closed Mortgage Rate %
Best 5 Year Fixed Closed Mortgage Rate %
Mortgage Rates we Compare (Apr, 2015) 919

Summary of Savings Statistics for Canada

Average Savings Investment Amount Searched $12,000
Savings Rates we Compare (Apr, 2015) 262

Summary of Life Insurance Statistics for Canada

Average Life Insurance Coverage Searched $0
Average Age of People Searching 0 Years
Average Premium Quoted (per month) $64.80
Terms Most Often Searched

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