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  1. Key Mortgage Partners Dominion Lending Centres

    Getting a mortgage can be very stressful and time consuming event. By deciding to use a mortgage broker, you have already taken the right steps to making the process easier for yourself. Most people don't realize the complexity of mortgage products. Our goal is to research the mortgage market using our knowledge, technology and resources to find the best mortgage product to suit your needs.


    We will work with you, taking into consideration your goals, budgets and home ownership dreams to get you the mortgage you deserve. We partner with lending institutions to make your mortgage transaction happen quickly and easily.

    Our technology not only saves time but also saves money by reducing the time it takes to underwrite and a process a deal. We use our knowledge and technology to pre-approve all applications, and deliver this information directly to the lenders. The selections of mortgage products are key to your financial freedom. Undoubtedly we have the largest selection of mortgage product anywhere in Canada.

    Trust plays a large part in our success. All of our clients are referred to us. It is this reason that we take the time to handle every application with the respect it deserves. Our service is second to none. Our competent staff allows us to manage our flow of business and co-ordinate everything necessary for a smooth closing. We work closely with you and track your mortgage through to closing

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  2. Oriana Financial

    Oriana Financial Group

    Together we have over 35 years accumulated experience in the mortgage industry and our continued success is built on developing long term relationships with our clients and associates. We understand the marketplace and maintain a professional standard in education, confidentiality and integrity that you can trust.

    At Oriana Financial Group our service policy is to ensure all parties are kept informed and our commitment is to make the approval process seamless.

    Tell us what you want, what you don’t want and what would be bonus and we will find a mortgage from that same reputable Canadian Financial Institutions that you are familiar with, along with our Broker ONLY lenders who can offer even more attractive rates and features.

    Our team approach means we’re here when you need us, – so you’re well taken care of all the time.

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  3. True North Mortgage

    True North Mortgage first opened its doors in 1999. With locations in Calgary and Toronto they provide mortgages for people located across Canada.

    We're the best of bank and broker. We have walk-in locations so that you know where we are. We're connected with all banks, not just one. And we pass along our volume discount to get your mortgage rates even lower.

    More than just low mortgage rates, we believe in relationships and trust. We work tirelessly, smile relentlessly and do the best for all your mortgage needs.

    Mention and get a free appraisal with your mortgage.

    Please note: We do our best to get a Mortgage Specialist to call all clients back within 1 hour of receiving your inquiry. Unfortunately, we are not able to maintain this service level outside regular business hours and weekends and will call you back the next business day in the these situations.

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