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In our help section you can learn how to use our service to make sure you're saving money on all of your personal finance products. We also crack the industry jargon and give you a better understanding of the basics.

RateSupermarket.ca Help

How does it all work?

At RateSupermarket.ca we compare the market so you can easily find the best rates.  Simply search for the product you are interested in, enter the appropriate details and choose the best rate for you.  It’s as easy as that.  You can get in touch with the company offering the rate by completing the call back request form or by calling our toll free call center.

What else do you do?

Personal finance products can be confusing.  What type of mortgage should I get?  How do I find the best rewards credit card? Is a GIC a safe investment?  Will my insurance cover my mortgage payments if I get sick?

Millions of Canadians turn to expert advisors for answers to these questions every year, but sometimes it’s tough to know if these advisors have your best interests at heart.    

When it comes to managing your money the best strategy is to arm yourself with the facts.  Do your own research before you talk to the experts. Get a basic understanding of the products or services that you need and then speak to a professional.

As well as our rate comparison tools, RateSupermarket.ca offers a series of comprehensive guides, top tips and an extensive glossary for all of the products we compare.