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    How Much Should I be Saving?

    No matter how much you’re setting aside, I guarantee you still don’t think it’s enough. And it probably isn’t – at least, not for your liking. Truth is if you thought you were on the right track, you wouldn’t be here. There is no set amount you should be putting away, but here’s a cool formula (based on your income after taxes) to get you started. READ MORE

    How to Get Started Saving

    We all know that saving money is important, but not all of us know how and where to start. Since there are so many different savings options to choose from, you’ll want to compare some of the more common features of each first. Before choosing your savings account… READ MORE

    How to Retire Rich

    The average age people in Canada retire is 63. Some retire later because they can’t imagine life without work, while others continue working only because they have to. When do you want to retire? How are you going to make sure you stop working when you want to? If you want to start a retirement plan or revamp your current plan, here’s a few options that will help you get the best bang for your buck in the years to come. READ MORE

    What Should you be Saving for?

    Let’s be honest; most of us don’t start saving for something until we really want it – by then most of us wish we started saving a heck of a lot earlier. When we’re younger we save for smaller, more attainable things, like CDs, concert tickets and new clothes. As we mature, we start looking at the bigger picture. There are many reasons why you might want to start saving some money. READ MORE

    What is a Financial Planner

    Financial planning – it sounds dead easy, right? So why would you pay someone to plan for you when you can do it yourself? Besides, isn’t the money you’d spend on a financial planner better off in the bank with all of your other… ahem – savings? Think financial planning is easy, but don’t have the funds to prove it? Listen up. READ MORE

    Practical Savings Tips

    Although some of us are better savers than others, most of us could still use a little help. As we grow and mature, so do our financial needs. It goes without saying then, that our savings plans should change with us. Check out these practical savings tips for people of all ages and all stages of growth. READ MORE