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    Pre-Approved vs. Pre-Qualified

    There are different stages of approval process when you apply for a mortgage and it’s important to know what they are and what they really mean. READ MORE

    Accelerated Payments

    Did you know that changing your payment schedule can mean paying off your mortgage in less time and saving loads of money? Here are the different types of mortgage repayment options. READ MORE

    Your First Mortgage

    It’s time to negotiate your first mortgage, a process which done right, could save you tens of thousands of dollars. Here’s what you need to do. READ MORE

    Mortgage Insurance CMHC

    In order to buy a home (or to get a mortgage to buy a home) you need to have a down payment, which has to be at least 5% of the home’s purchase price. Lenders typically group mortgage shoppers with deposits between 5 – 20% of the home purchase price, into the ‘slightly higher risk’ category. In order for the lender to protect against this increased risk, mortgage default insurance is required. READ MORE

    How to Compare Mortgage Rates

    The Bank of Canada confirms it: “those who shop around really do get better deals on mortgage rates.” Here’s why comparing mortgage rates can saves you money. READ MORE

    What is a Mortgage Broker?

    What is a mortgage broker and why you should use one. READ MORE

    Can I Afford a Mortgage?

    When it comes to a mortgage, the first thing most people want to understand is how much can I borrow, or how much can I afford. Nobody wants to make the mistake of biting off more mortgage debt than they can chew! Here’s how much you can afford. READ MORE

    Open or Closed Mortgage

    When shopping for a mortgage you might have noticed that closed mortgage products offer lower interest rates compared to open mortgage products. Why is that? Here’s the difference between open and closed mortgage rates. READ MORE

    Fixed or Variable Rate Mortgage

    Fixed Mortgage Rates vs. Variable Mortgage Rates – What is the difference and which one is better? READ MORE

    Mortgage Documents

    There’s a lot of paperwork involved in sorting out a mortgage. Instead of pulling it all together at the last minute, slowly start to organize your documents now, so that you’ll be better prepared when it comes time to close the deal. READ MORE

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