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  • What is a Financial Advisor?

    When should you seek the services of a financial advisor? Working with a pro can help you better manage your financial affairs - and meet those savings goals! See how a financial advisor can guide you through asset management, estate planning, taxes and more.

  • How To Choose The Best Financial Advisor For You

    Deciding which financial professional to go with is a big decision - depending on your needs, some pros may be a better fit than others. Understanding a financial advisor's pay structure is just one way to pick one based on your best interests.

  • Grilling Your Financial Advisor

    When picking the right pro to work with, make sure you ask the right questions. Think of it almost as a job interview - after all, advisors are competing for your business. Here are a few tips for establishing what your needs are - and making sure your advisor gets the message.

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  • Savings Calculator

    Wondering just how much you could be saving? Give our handy savings calculator a whirl, and see how your money could grow! Factor in your starting amount, length of investment and desired rate of return - and we’ll show you the numbers.

  • Compare GIC Rates

    Looking for the best rate of return? We've rounded up the top GIC rates in Canada. Search and compare the best on the market, like for like. Find the best rate for you - and grow that nest egg!

  • Find the Best Online Discount Brokerage

    Looking to start trading online? We compare online trading accounts so you can find the right one for you. We look at trading fees, annual fees, sign up bonuses, special features and more.

  • Friday Roundup

    Each week we cover a new topic that can save you money and expand your financial wisdom - and we send it straight to your inbox. Plus - we've also been known to include giveaway, freebies, exclusives, and all that jazz. Sign Up >

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