Customer Testimonials

At we're happy if you're happy. We've received some great stories and feedback over the past few years from visitors who have used our services. You can read some of their comments below.



I was very pleased to use your website where I could compare various rates and use my personal requirements to calculate the mortgage payments. I ended up using one of your broker partners to take a mortgage. They treated me well and attended to all my needs. Thanks for your help.

-Antonio, Toronto ON

Thank you for the great professional help in getting my mortgage, as difficult as it was!

-Cory, Calgary AB

Fantastic way to shop for a mortgage!

-Gerard, Toronto ON

I proceeded with one of your broker partners and I am very please with the service. Thank you.

- Rami, Richmond BC

I received a call-back very quickly and on a Sunday no less. The service I've received has been very good. The broker has been easy to get a hold of, responsive to messages, and overall very helpful. Excellent service.

- Nicholas, Kitchener ON

I received a call within minutes and I'm very satisfied with the service. Thanks.

- Nabil, Toronto ON

I was called the next day and received very good service. Thank you.

-Catalin, Montreal QC

I was contacted the day after and quite happy about the information I was able to get through your website. The rate itself is just slightly better than what I was offered by my bank, but I was able to be pre-approved based on a 20% down-payment versus the 35% one requested by the bank for a revenue property purchase. Thank you.

-Roberto, Hamilton ON

I found that was most helpful for me & I did get a mortgage. I have also past\sed on this info to another person. Thanks again.

-Brenda, AB

I was contacted promptly and the service was great.

Thank You

-Catherine, Ottawa ON

I was contacted the next day by James Laird who provided excellent service. I look forward to doing business with you

- Ron, Toronto ON

I was contacted and received excellent service.

-Peter, Mississauga ON

I'm happy with the services provided. A good broker with good rate options.

-Darcy, North York ON

The broker phoned me back within minutes and I'm still working with them to get the best possible rate.

-Mike, Ottawa ON

The broker was experienced, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with.

-Ka-Yee, Calgary AB

I was contacted back in a timely manner, and the gentleman I spoke with was very informative. Thank you,

-Cynthia, Milton ON

The lender was prompt and courteous. Thank you.

-Donna, Calgary AB

I was impressed at how quickly I was contacted by the providers. The level of service and rate info was excellent, much better than dealing with a bank directly.

-Paul, Toronto ON

I was contacted and the broker was very helpful.

-Chris Whitehorse YT

A received a call back that was both prompt and helpful. Thanks

-Dave, Pickering ON

Very good turn around and service...right now the broker that called me is the front runner to move my mortgage.

-Dave, Toronto ON

The service was timely and the quality of service was very professional and educational.

-Tania, Toronto ON

I was contacted in a timely manner and I was happy with the service that I received. I appreciated the ease at which I could access things on the web pages.

-Ken, BC

I was contacted on the same day and was provided with the info relevant to my situation.

-Lisa, BC

The broker responded quickly to my email with an email which I greatly appreciated as I work 10 hour days. About 3 days later I also received a phone call just to follow up. He was very polite and efficient. I was very happy with the service provided. I will definitely use your services in the future if need be.

-Monica, Surrey BC

My mortgage renewal was approaching, through I really had a very good chance to know what the market was up to which helped me very much to negotiate with my lender my renewal conditions. Thank you very much for the great job you are doing.

-Matt, Mississauga ON

I saved money on my mortgage by switching from a 4.94% 5 year fixed rate with HSBC to a 3.69% 5 year fixed rate with a new lender. Even with buyout fees I'm saving 13K over 5yrs!

-Anton Toronto, ON

We saved a lot of money on our refinance using We refinanced with a new lender, a broker contacted us and got us a great rate we are very happy. Thanks.

-Rick, Chilliwack BC

We were very quickly contacted and received exactly what we were looking for.

-Paula, Pictou NS

Everything was just great! Thank you.

-Brenda, AB

I was contacted this morning and I was very satisfied with the information and the level of service I received from the broker.

-Verla, Calgary AB

I was contacted by a representative and was pleased with the service and answers provided. Thank you.

-Jay, Toronto ON

Your website is awesome! Very easy to navigate around, all the information is there at your fingertips. The vendor contacted me within a couple of hours, very satisfied. This tool is very handy in our economy.

-Marie, Calgary AB

I was extremely impressed by your service. I was contacted within the same day that I went online! I will be sure to send your link to all my friends and associates.

-Lesley, Mississauga ON

We were contacted and are very happy with the broker's service.

-Ken, BC

I received a prompt, courteous and informative reply from the mortgage broker. Thank you.

-Bill, BC

I was contacted in a timely manner by the mortgage broker and was happy with the level of service I received. The person was very helpful in the options I had, and in explaining the process and timeframe in which to expect things to happen.

-James, Barrhead AB

I am very pleased with the experience so far and intend to use the service again should we require another mortgage in future. Thank you for being there, because if I had not happened upon your site, I would have blindly carried on with a preapproved mortgage from a "normal" walk in off the street lender and paid a higher rate.

-Mr Porter, BC

I was responded to in a timely manner and provided with information requested. Thanks.

-Allyne, Victoria BC

I received a phone call within minutes from a mortgage consultant. I'm in the process of getting pre-approved. So far in my research, your site gave me the best mortgage rates. Keep up the great work.

-Mike, Ottawa ON

I was contacted promptly and was provided with excellent service.

-Edward, ON

I was contacted very soon after I phoned and talked to a very nice gentlemen. I was quite happy with the service. I really like your website - such a great idea. It helps a lot to shop for best mortgage rates.

-Ginda, BC

I am very happy that I came upon your website in my search for a mortgage. Through your website, I found brokers offering lower rates than the mortgage broker I was about to sign with. I contacted both companies and received same-day replies. Both provided informative, friendly, and prompt service, both over the phone and over e-mail. I will be getting my mortgage with one of the brokers on your site. I have bookmarked your website and plan to recommend it to friends and family who are shopping for mortgages!

Thanks again for the very useful service you provide :)

-Laura, Ottawa ON

I was contacted within a few hours of calling and have so far been impressed with the level of service and knowledge the recommended broker has given me.

-Rob, Vaughan ON

We were certainly contacted in good time and I'm happy with the service provided.

-Laurie, Brandon MB

The service was excellent in every way.

-Donald, Duncan BC

Good Afternoon Kelvin,

Thank you very much for your response, I got a mortgage through a broker at an amazing rate.



I was very happy with your service, in fact the gentleman who immediately called me back was pleasant and informative. I will definitely use your service again and recommend it. Thank you

- Lorna, Montreal, QC

I was happy with the service and also found the website easy to use and very straightforward. Thanks.

-Daniela, Toronto, ON

This website was very handy on getting me into the mortgage world!

The broker PROMPTLY responded and showed me the ropes of the business. I'm very happy with the provided services and will continue to use this website in the future!

-Nathaniel, Edmonton AB

I was promptly contacted by one of your mortgage broker partners and he explained the different mortgage options, which was a big help. Thank you.

-Ray, Bowmanville ON

I like the website and am please with the service.

-Adam, Toronto ON

I was contacted that evening and the service was excellent!

-Tracey, Ottawa ON

Thank you. You have been exceptionally helpful and fast in responding to my queries. I am just weighing the various options before deciding on my mortgage.

-Eshete, Ottawa ON

Very impressed so far. Thanks.


Service was excellent. Dan at TrueNorth is excellent. Thanks for your help.


This was one of the best experience I have encountered. Broker called within 1/2 hr. Thank you very much.


I am satisfied with your service. I also recommended your web site to my friend. I believe your site is the best one so far.


The broker was very helpful, we are now pre- approved so we're housing hunting, thank you.


Because rates are changing so quickly I think you're providing an excellent service by providing one-stop mortgage shopping info.

I got a great rate with (one of your broker partners). They're service so far is excellent. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions. I'll recommend your website to my friends.


I wanted to let you know that thanks to your site I contacted different banks and got the service I was looking for. Thank you very much. Your site was very useful.


We were contacted the same day by (one of your broker partners), and we are going through them for our mortgage.

So far I have found the process quite simple and the service has been second to none. We were simply looking to compare rates when I found your site and ended up using it to secure our mortgage. I will recommend your site to everyone I know that is looking for a mortgage.

Thank you.


I found your site extremely useful and very easy to navigate through.