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Penelope Graham

About Penelope Graham

Growing up in the Toronto suburbs, I didn't really have conversations about finance with my family. Sure there were the seasonal summer "you need to get a job" comments, but the finer points of budgeting, understanding credit cards - even my parents' income - remained somewhat mysterious and taboo.

It wasn't until I struck out alone and relocated to Calgary for my first post-grad magazine job that I was confronted with the realities of really living off a paycheque - to say nothing of saving for the future. What I wouldn't have given at that time for a resource like!

As the editor of Money Wise, it's my aim to educate all Canadians - no matter their age or experience - on how to live with their finances under control - not the other way around!

You can find out more about me on Google+ and LinkedIn.

Articles by Penelope Graham

Take Control of Your Cash

They say knowledge is power – and that’s especially true when it comes to your finances. A healthy credit score, solid assets and everyday frugal know-how can pay off in spades… so, are you as informed as you should be on the state of your money?
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